Margot Robbie surprises Neighbours cast with thoughtful gift

Hollywood star Margot Robbie is one of Australia’s most successful actresses, with two Oscar nominations and a large movie franchise under her belt. Her career was kickstarted by a stint on Neighbours, with soap operas often proving a good training ground for young actors.

The star sent expensive champagne to the Neighbours cast and crew for their last day of filming, with many cast members appreciative of the thoughtful touch.

Left: The Neighbours cast and crew celebrate on their last day of filming. Right:; Margot Robbie stuns in a white outfit at a premiere
Margot Robbie surprised the Neighbours cast with a thoughtful gift. Photos: Instagram/alanfletcher & Getty Images

She specifically sent 37 bottles of champagne to celebrate the 37 years the show had been on screen, making it the longest-running Australian soap in history.

While she wasn’t able to return for any final episodes, Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy), Emerald Chan (Sadie Rodwell) and April Rose Pengilly (Chloe Brennan) shared their thanks on social media for the kind gesture.


The Harley Quinn actress had previously opened up about her time on Neighbours while eating spicy chicken wings on popular YouTube series Hot Ones.

“You just learn an incredible discipline and you can work really, really fast. You’re really conscious of everybody else’s jobs,” she reminisced.

The star also revealed that the producers refused to kill off her character Donna Freedman when she left the show for Hollywood, as they wanted to leave the door open for her to return.

Margot Robbie and Jackie as their characters on Neighbours
Margot Robbie played Donna Freedman on Neighbours from 2008-2011. Photo: Fremantle/Channel 5

Alan Fletcher, who played Karl Kennedy, shared a video of the cast and crew holding up champagne glasses, as they shouted ‘That’s a wrap’ for the final time.

Alan shared a heartfelt tribute to his time on the show, after spending the last 27 years on the soap.

“I leave the show so proud that our ensemble made a quality show that brought joy to millions of people for so long. I am so sad that this journey is ending but so glad that I got to go on the journey at all,” he wrote.

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