MAFS fans rally around Lucinda Light as she shares 'vulnerable' post: 'Raw and unfiltered'

"I was horrified when I first saw this video," the MAFS star wrote about the "raw and unfiltered" video.

MAFS star Lucinda Light
MAFS fans have rallied around Lucinda Light as the reality star shares a 'vulnerable' post about her insecurities. Photo: Nine

MAFS fans have rallied around Lucinda Light after the reality star shared a "vulnerable" post about her insecurities. The reality star shared a video of herself getting her hair and makeup done, telling her fans she was "horrified" when she first saw it.

"This is a vulnerable share, it’s about my skin which I’ve always been really conscious of," she began her lengthy caption. "This year as a gift to myself, I’d like to finally fix my face and get to the bottom of my scarring/rosacea. There were many years in my 20’s when I would only let my boyfriend walk to one side of me. Most days I wear a bit of make-up to cover it up."


Lucinda continued, "I didn’t know the make-up artist was going to post this TikTok video of me really raw and unfiltered in unflattering light as I was getting ready~ if I’d seen the vids she took of me pre shoot, I would of made her delete them 😂. I was horrified when I first saw this video but it’s out now and it’s time to acknowledge and take action and have some compassion for myself.

"I want to preserve my face but without using injectables or botox. I want to represent the wild natural woman that’s radiant and confident, from any angle."

She then asked her followers to recommend skin specialists and dermatologists to help her with her skin, adding, "One day when I meet my life partner, I'll be all glowy and dewy and okay with my face."

Her followers were quick to share positive comments, with one Instagram user writing, "People often think the scars or blemishes they have are much worse than what the people looking at them notice. I didn't even see that redness until I read your words. I just saw a beautiful soul getting ready for a photo shoot. You are so kind and compassionate and accepting of the people around you. Time to give a bit of that kindness to yourself gorgeous."


"You are such a beautiful soul Lucinda. I wish you the very best. You deserve everything that comes your way," another said.

"Lucinda, you look fantastic - a light just shines out of you and I honestly had to watch the video twice to see what you mean," a third said. "I have a skin condition and would go into hibernation if it appears on my face and it’s only as I’ve gotten older that I have embraced the fact that I’m so much more than a perfect face - so are you!! And you look a million dollars once the team have finished with you!"

"Lu you are [freaking] gorgeous from the beginning to the end of this video and back again," a fourth said.

"This wonderful woman is so beautifully spectacular without makeup inside and out 🙏 But wow girl go strut your stuff," someone else added.

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