MAFS' Timothy breaks silence after he and Lucinda unfollow each other

Lucinda has also spoken out about her current relationship with her 'ex'.

MAFS’ Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light / Timothy Smith on TikTok.
MAFS’ Timothy Smith has finally spoken out about his relationship with Lucinda Light after it was revealed they had both unfollowed each other on Instagram. Photos: Instagram/lucindaslight / TikTok/timsmith070

Married At First Sight’s Timothy Smith has finally addressed speculation of a ‘feud’ between himself and his on-screen ‘wife’ Lucinda Light after it was revealed last week that they had quietly unfollowed each other on Instagram. Despite ending the reality show as best friends, the pair no longer appear in each other’s following lists and have also been untagged in photos on each other’s profiles, which suggests they may have blocked each other.

After fans noticed their surprising relationship update, one of Lucinda and Timothy’s season 11 co-stars admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle that “there’s a lot of resentment towards Lucinda because she’s getting the most work and opportunities”. However, they said they’d be “surprised” if Tim was now one of the cast members “jealous” of her post-show bookings - which includes an upcoming speaking tour across the UK that’s generated around $250,000 in ticket sales.


Timothy has now finally spoken out about his current relationship with Lucinda, taking to TikTok over the weekend to point out that MAFS was filmed almost a year ago and the cast have all moved “in different directions”.

“A lot of the cast have dissipated and we all form our circles or just lose touch,” he said. “So whatever's happened behind the scenes, I'm always going to keep that private. And in regards to the online websites or articles about jealousy, about this and about that, they’re all off the mark.”

He went on to assert that he will never reveal why he and Lucinda have unfollowed each other and only “three or four people” know the real reason.

“That's where I'm going to leave it on that,” he continued. “I wish Lu all the best in the future, there is no question. Sometimes people's paths just take different directions and that's where it is.

“I, funnily enough, wish everyone the best in the future. We filmed a TV show and it was a lot of fun. It was hard at some points, it was raw at some points. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime, and that's where I'm gonna leave it. It was a great time filmed almost a year ago, and that's how I want to leave it and address it.”

Although Tim said he wouldn't discuss the topic any further, he went on to ‘like’ several comments on the video including one that says: “I think she’s not as sweet and innocent as she seems.”

MAFS' Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith.
Timothy said he wishes Lucinda 'all the best in the future'. Photos: Instagram/lucindaslight

Meanwhile, Lucinda was asked about her relationship with Tim during a radio interview on Friday and admitted they are on “pretty different trajectories”.

“Tim's great, he’s a hoot. He just bought a plane and called it 'Chicken Wing’ which is so funny. He's a crack-up,” she shared on HIT WA’s Allan & Carly.

“He's got a different path to me. I actually haven't seen Timbo for a while, but yeah, I love Tim and I wish him so well. We’ve probably both been so busy.”


Last week Lucinda announced a second UK speaking tour scheduled for October and November after the first one, which will take place in August and went on sale last month, sold out in minutes.

Tim appears to be hoping to experience some of the same success as his ‘ex-wife’ and recently updated his Instagram and LinkedIn to advertise himself as a “keynote speaker”.

“With over two decades of experience, I've evolved from a high-stakes entrepreneur to a sought-after keynote speaker and content creator. You might recognise me from my appearance on the 2024 season of Married at First Sight,” Tim wrote on LinkedIn. “As an accomplished businessman, I specialise in sharing insights on resilience, overcoming adversity, and beating the odds. Let's connect and inspire each other to reach new heights.”

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