MAFS: The real reason Sara refused to show Tim her phone during Confessions Week

EXCLUSIVE: A source has revealed that Sara had nothing to hide but didn't trust producers.

Married At First Sight's Sara Mesa has been accused of “hiding something” from her 'husband' Tim Calwell after refusing to let him look through her iPhone as part of a trust exercise.

Despite telling Tim he should trust her without the need to look through her phone, Sara remained defensive during Sunday's commitment ceremony as expert John Aiken reprimanded her.

However, a source connected to the show tells Yahoo Lifestyle the real reason Sara declined to partake in the Phone Swap Task couldn't be aired on television as it'd “expose” producers.

Sara and Tim on MAFS
Sara refused to hand over her phone to Tim during a Confessions Week challenge. Photo: Nine

'Had nothing to hide'

“Sara had nothing to hide but she knew the second she handed her iPhone over the producers would find a way to bring anything they saw on there onto the show as a storyline.

"This includes messages to her mum and family about a private incident unrelated to filming, and entries in her notepad that she uses as a diary. She felt like the whole thing was just a gross invasion of privacy disguised as a constructive task for production to obtain private information,” the insider says.


The source added that Tim “never even wanted to see the phone” but “producers fed him the lines about having trust issues because he'd previously been cheated on so they could build a story arc from Sara's refusal” as they'd become “too boring”.

Additionally, a second source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that several of the participants are upset by the “double standards” of seeing Sara villainised for refusing to take part in a challenge, whereas Timothy was applauded by fans for failing to do the photo ranking challenge.

The 51-year-old groom slammed the infamous ranking challenge that sees the participants rank the other brides and grooms based on their perceived physical attractiveness.

"It's bulls***," Timothy said. "I think it's an unfair, unrealistic task. I don't want to do it."

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