MAFS: Fans praise Timothy after refusing photo ranking challenge

"I think it's an unfair, unrealistic task. I don't want to do it."

Fans of Married At First Sight have praised Timothy Smith for refusing to participate in the photo ranking challenge in Confessions week.

The 51-year-old groom slammed the infamous ranking challenge that sees the participants rank the other brides and grooms based on their perceived physical attractiveness.

"It's bulls***," Timothy said. "I think it's an unfair, unrealistic task. I don't want to do it."

"It's not age-appropriate," Timothy then said in his on-camera piece. "I'm already 10 years older than Lucinda, but then when I go down, then I'm going 20 to 30 year olds, I look like the biggest creep walking.

"What it's asking you to do, is to f*** with your relationship. That's what it's asking you to do, that's exactly what the task is," he continued.

"It's like, let's just throw a cat amongst the pigeons, and see what s*** happens."

Timothy refuses to do photo ranking on MAFS
Timothy called the photo ranking challenge "bulls***". Photo: Nine

Timothy told Lucinda it was "unfair and unrealistic". "I'd like to push back the other way, it's not fair," he said.

"I respect those reasons," Lucinda said. "My truth is that I just couldn't even rank. All these guys are gorgeous. But I know who I'm attracted to, and that's you".


"You're right up my alley, I think you're a total spunk," Lucinda told Tim.

Timothy then put Lucinda's photo on the table, and discarded the rest, choosing her as his number one.

"I'd always put Lucinda first in this task, I know her the best," Tim said to the camera. "She's a beautiful girl."

'Best guy on MAFS'

Fans applauded Timothy for calling out the challenge and taking a stand against it.

Timothy and Lucinda on MAFS
Fans have applauded Timothy after he refused to do the challenge. Photo: Nine

"My respect for Timothy for not wanting to do the photo ranking just skyrocketed!" one person tweeted.

"I have a definite crush on Tim! To stand and say 'some of these women are 20 years younger than me, it's not age appropriate' F Yes!" another person commented.

"Tim is hands down the best guy they've had on MAFS. His response to the ranking challenge, perfect," someone else said.


"Can we all appreciate Tim for saying a hard no to the ranking challenge," someone else said. "I can’t believe MAFS are still doing it honestly. It’s incredibly toxic. It just adds to women’s insecurities that they aren’t good enough."

"Well done Timothy for saying no to the ranking task. It is degrading and only exists to create drama between the couples," another pointed out. "If boys did this at school they would be reprimanded for such a sexist action and yet MAFS keeps trying to justify the use of this terrible task."

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