MAFS' Olivia spills on the experts, Domenica and her biggest regrets

Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer has finally opened up about her time on the reality show in an explosive Instagram Q&A, including her feud with fellow bride Domenica Calarco.

Olivia began by addressing the elephant in the room, saying that she was receiving many questions about Dom.

Olivia Frazer is pictured in a selfie as she speaks to the camera.
Olivia Frazer opened up about her experience on MAFS. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

“Lots of questions about Dom,” she began.

“I won’t be answering any of them, but I hope she has a very happy, healthy, beautiful life. And that’s all I have to say,” she stated.

Olivia slams the Married At First Sight experts and their handling of the nude photo scandal

The star didn’t hold back, accusing the experts of being puppets for the producers who just wanted to stir up drama.

“Opinions on the experts,” she began while shaking her head.

“Not good. They literally just have earpieces in repeating whatever the producers tell them to say. They’re not there to give advice, they’re not there to help anybody’s relationship.”

Olivia went on to allege that the producers tell the experts who the villain is that week, and then the experts “absolutely hound” that person at the commitment ceremonies.


Olivia Frazer looks unhappy on the set of Married At First Sight
Olivia has slammed the experts for causing drama on the show. Photo: Nine

The 27-year-old teaching student shocked the experts when she openly admitted that she had no empathy after exposing Domenica Calarco's nude photo and sharing it amongst the cast.

Opening up about the time MAFS sexologist Alessandra Rampolla told her she didn't have empathy for Domenica after sharing her nude photo, Olivia says she did not mean what she said when she made that admission.

“What viewers didn’t get to see is Alessandra had actually just ... told me all of these ... crazy ways that she thought I didn’t have empathy,” she revealed.

“I’ve always had empathy, I just wanted Alessandra to stop, everybody knows when you get beaten down to a point where you just want somebody to stop going for you, and you just say anything. That’s what that was for me.”

She claimed she wouldn’t let her worst enemy go on MAFS

While Olivia believes she came out of the experiment with the love of her life, the one thing that “everybody signs up for MAFS wanting”, she wouldn’t recommend going on the show to anyone.

“I would not let my worst enemy go on MAFS,” she said seriously.

The star explained that her reputation was tarnished and the show made her look like somebody she isn’t.

“Biggest misconception about me is that I would ever slut shame somebody, that’s not who I am,” she started.

“The biggest thing that MAFS took from me is that they took my core beliefs and twisted it into the absolute opposite. It hurt.”

Olivia acknowledges she and Jackson Lonie were paired together by the experts but she doesn't give them much credit: "We met because of them, but we stayed together in spite of them."

Olivia Frazer poses in a black shirt and with black sunglasses on her head, next to Jackson Lonie, who wears a white and black striped t shirt, a black hat, and sunglasses on top of his hat. They are by the water at sunset.
Olivia has called Jackson Lonie the love of her life. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

She’s upset at her portrayal on the show and the damage it has made

Olivia says she’s developed anxiety and depression due to the show and all the trolling, saying that the show made her look like an “evil, control freak”, a sentiment she disagrees with.

“I have a lot of regrets from MAFS. My biggest one is not leaving when I felt unsafe,” she adds.

She swears that all of the times she took accountability for her actions, they were cut out from the final show, saying she thinks she had an unfair edit.

“I’m friends with most of the cast still. There’s no way if I was as awful as I look on TV, that I would walk away with so many friends,” she started.

"That girl that we all saw on MAFS, that character — not the real me, so you won't be seeing her again."

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