MAFS' Tahnee reveals her biggest regret from the show: 'I was trying'

EXCLUSIVE: The season 10 star spills on what she wishes she did differently.

Married At First Sight’s Tahnee Cook has opened up about her time on the reality show and revealed what she wishes she did differently.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle at Australian Fashion Week, the season 10 bride admitted that her 'biggest fashion regret' is wearing so many sequinned outfits on TV.

MAFS’ Tahnee Cook wearing a silver sequinned dress and a pink sequinned dress.
MAFS’ Tahnee Cook says she regrets wearing so many sequinned outfits on the show. Photos: Channel Nine

“I wore a lot of sequins on the show and I probably wouldn't normally wear that,” she laughed. “But I was trying to go for MAFS dinner party vibes!

“I feel like they can be done tastefully, but yeah, probably just tone down the sequins a bit. I got a couple of comments about that.”


Tahnee added that it was “so stressful” preparing outfits for MAFS because participants have to send all of their looks to the show’s producers for approval.

"So you have multiple options and then say someone else is wearing pink, you can't wear the same pink and it's like, drama!” she said. “There were so many arguments being like, ‘Well I want to wear this colour tonight, this is the only thing I have!’.

“I think that’s one thing people don't realise going onto the show is you've got to be super prepared when it comes to wardrobe because you have to do it all yourself, it's all your own stuff. So yeah, that was a lot, but I think I did ok!”

The 27-year-old went on to say that she was “constantly” ordering new outfits while filming the show to make sure she looked her best.

“Some stuff I was like, ‘Nope, not good enough, gotta get something better, gotta get a bit more bougie,” she shared. “I was constantly just trying new stuff out.

“Everyone always comments on how much pink I wore, and I didn't realise until I looked back and I was like, ‘Yeah, I did wear a lot of pink’. So now everyone knows me as the girl that wears pink, so I'm actively trying not to wear pink.”

Tahnee and her on-screen ‘husband’ Ollie Skelton are one of the two success stories to come out of this year’s season of MAFS, with the couple recently moving in together in Sydney.

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