MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Tahnee and Ollie reveal explosive unseen reunion drama

The couple spills on what viewers didn't see on TV.

They might not have been involved in any of the conflict themselves, but Married At First Sight’s golden couple Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton have shared an insight into what it was really like attending the show’s drama-filled reunion.

The pair tell Yahoo Lifestyle that the dinner party was “way more chaotic than what was shown on television” and there were plenty of explosive moments they were surprised didn’t air.

MAFS' Duncan, Alyssa, Olle and Tahnee at the reunion.
MAFS’ Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton reveal what viewers didn’t see from the reunion. Photo: Channel Nine

“I remember looking around and there were three arguments that they could have centred a whole episode around happening at the one time,” Ollie shares. “At one point the producers came in and said, ‘Guys, everyone is screaming over the top of each other, we can’t hear a darn thing’.”

“There was so much stuff that was edited out,” Tahnee adds. “There was Dan [Hunjas] and Sandy [Jawanda]’s confrontation, Janelle [Han] and Adam [Seed]’s confrontation, Caitlin [McConville] and Shannon [Adams]. Even Melissa [Sheppard] and Josh [White], they had a conversation and they really ended things nicely.

“At one point I was sitting across from Jesse [Burford] and we were both literally looking left right, left right. We were like, where do we look? Which fight are we listening to?”


Tahnee went on to say that the moment she was most “disappointed” about not being included in the episode was when Sandy held her ex-'husband' Dan accountable for his actions both on and off the show.

“I really thought Sandy had a beautiful moment just standing up for herself and really confronting Dan and having that moment with him,” she details.

“Sandy obviously went through a lot within the experiment, so it was just a really nice rounded-off moment. She was owning him and coming forward with all this stuff she had heard, and he had nothing to say. I really would’ve loved to watch that.”

MAFS' Jesse and Claire at the reunion.
Ollie says he found Jesse and Claire’s reunion narrative to be ‘insincere’. Photo: Channel Nine

'They were just friends'

Speaking about the final reunion episode with the experts, the couple reveal they were shocked to see how some of the couch sessions were edited.

“I found Jesse and Claire [Nomarhas]’s narrative at the end of the reunion that they were together to be insincere,” Ollie says. “That was not what anyone was experiencing on the couch. They were just friends.

“Looking at that on a surface level would indicate to me that Claire is moving to Perth to live with Jesse. Claire was actually just going to visit Lyndall [Grace] for a weekend, but it was alluding to the fact that they were getting back together.”


Tahnee adds that she was confused why so many couples were “skipped over” and not shown at all in the episode.

“There was a lot people didn’t see,” she says. “There was so much happening and I guess they had to choose the highlights because there was honestly too much content.

“I really thought they should have made a four-part series of the whole reunion, seriously. I think people would’ve loved to see it.”

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