MAFS stars shed light on show salary: 'Can't pay rent'

One contestant has revealed they're "broke" after appearing on the show.

A Married At First Sight contestant has revealed how much they earned while filming the hit reality show, saying they couldn't even make their rent payments.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the unnamed contestant said they were paid $150 a day and given a $125 food allowance, saying they were 'broke' after appearing on the show.

"I am broke after having appeared on the show. I couldn't even make my rent payments with what we were being paid," they said.

They also said they spent a lot on outfits and makeup, only to be told they weren't allowed to wear what they wanted.

MAFS 2024 Tori, Jack, Lauren
Some of the MAFS 2024 cast. Photo: Nine

"We would film late so I would be ordering takeaway most nights. I spent a bomb on outfits, hair and make-up, and to top it off, they didn't even let us wear what we wanted," they said.


Former contestants have also spoken out in previous years about the MAFS salaries, saying the wage paid to participants needs to change.

Mikey Pembroke from the 2020 season said the show makes an incredible amount of money, which is not reflected by what participants are then paid.

"You don't get paid at all – this is a thing that needs to change," he said on the I've Got News for You podcast.

"[But] the show makes an incredible amount of money. And, say, you were on, you know, a TV show that does really well, the actors get paid more and more because it's doing so well.

“They [the MAFS participants] are the ones putting themselves out there, and then the channel makes millions and millions of dollars in advertising,” Mikey said.

Last year, Olivia Frazer also spoke out about how much contestants earned, saying they were paid “$1,100 per week” during filming, which took place over a few months in Sydney.

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