MAFS' Hayley Vernon reveals surprising detail about escort clients

Married At First Sight star Hayley Vernon shocked fans on Monday when she revealed she works as a high-class escort.

Now, she has made a ‘surprising’ admission to Yahoo Lifestyle about her clients, and says there are certain lines she ‘won’t cross’.

L: MAFS star Hayley Vernon smiles in a neon green bra. R: Hayley Vernon takes a mirror photo in a lacy black bra
MAFS star Hayley Vernon has opened up about being a high-class escort. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

The star works for the private escort directory Scarlet Blue, with her rates ranging from $750 to $2750.

“The clients I get are really varied,” she tells us. “It’d probably be really surprising to most people that the majority of my customers are aged between 25 and 35.”


She explains that her clients are usually ‘good looking’, but are ‘petrified about getting burned by women’.

While she’s all for ‘female empowerment’, she acknowledges that some people date for superficial reasons rather than love, which can be frustrating for her clients.

“This way, they’re paying and know exactly what they’re getting,” she adds.

“Guys can get their most basic human basic desires fulfilled without having to go through the tumultuous ways of picking up a woman.”

Hayley Vernon pouts for the camera in a white low-cut top
The star is proud of her career in the adult industry. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

Most clients don’t want sex

Hayley also drops another bombshell — most high-class escort clients don’t want to have sex with her. Instead, the majority of her clients just want some form of connection.

“Most [clients] just want to chat and be seen, be heard and valued. This is what men get when they come to a high-class escort,” she spills.

“I would say that probably 60% of my customers don’t spend their bookings having sex, we spend a lot of the time talking, laughing and having a few drinks.”

The reality TV star is quick to clarify she doesn't just offer a ‘companion service’, as sex can be important for her other clients.

Two photos of Hayley Vernon in skimpy bikinis
The star won Best Newcomer Female Porn Star at The Adult Industry Choice Awards earlier this year. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

‘I’ve got big boundaries’

The OnlyFans creator says that she’s upfront with potential clients about what acts she's happy to engage in and if anything is off the table.

“There’s a lot I won’t do, and I’ve got big boundaries,” she starts. “I think that’s the thing you do with anything in life — I won’t cross certain lines.”

It’s important for her to ask her clients what their ‘expectations’ are, and what they want from the experience.

While Hayley has faced heated backlash for her decision to work as a high-class escort, she isn’t ashamed or embarrassed at all.

“I am so content and confident in the woman that I am in my 30s, it’s not funny. I’ve never been happier. I’m in the position where I can pick and choose who I work with.

“I’m not desperate for money, and let’s just say I’m killing it,” she adds.

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