MAFS star responds after rumours she 'blocked the whole cast'

Eden Harper recently revealed Madeleine Maxwell had blocked her 2024 MAFS co-stars.

One 2024 MAFS bride has blocked some of her co-stars on social media. Photo: Nine
One 2024 MAFS bride has blocked some of her co-stars on social media. Photo: Nine

While the drama from MAFS stopped airing on our screens a few months ago, outside of the show it continues with cast breakups, makeups, and friendship splits dominating headlines.

From Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud's breakup to Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith's alleged falling out, another spicy story that has floated around is that MAFS intruder Madeleine Maxwell blocked her 2024 co-stars on social media.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit, season 11 bride Eden Harper chatted through her time on the show, where she stands with Jayden now, and what's next for her - plus, there was also a hilarious prank call with Lucinda Light. However, she also did drop the tea that she had been blocked by intruder bride Madeleine Maxwell.

"Madeleine's blocked, like, the whole cast," Eden said. "I liked Madeleine, she was nice. The interesting thing about some of the people that were only there for a week or so, and what people don't understand is that we only see them at the dinner parties... and at the commitment ceremonies, you don't have a chance to talk one-on-one with anyone, and at the dinner parties if you're not seated near them, unless you go up and go sit with them, you don't."

Eden harper
Eden said she regretted not making more of an effort to get to know Madeleine. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle


"Madeleine was only at one dinner party and I didn't have a conversation with her and that's probably my fault," Eden continued. "I'm not blaming her because I kind of keep to myself and kept to Jayden the whole time, he was kind of like my safety blanket, so I didn't put myself out there to get to know everyone else except those people who were there for a long time.

"I think looking back, if I was an intruder, I would've been so intimidated walking in there, so I kind of wish I gave more of a warm welcome. But I would take a psychic reading from Madeleine!" Eden said.

MAFS' Madeleine Maxwell
MAFS' Madeleine Maxwell. Photo: Nine/Yahoo Lifestyle

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Madeleine said she had also found herself on a blocked list from other cast members and put it down to something strange occurring.


"I have never blocked the cast. I have been thinking I’ve been blocked by many of them who say that they didn’t either so something strange has occurred or something contrived [from Endemol Shine] perhaps. Eden has a fan in me and I will always be open to a beautiful friendship at any time," Madeleine said,

Watch Eden's full episode of Behind The Edit here, and catch up on Madeleine's episode here.

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