MAFS star divides opinion with 'disrespectful' plane TikTok: 'Cringe'

Married At First Sight star Jack Millar and his girlfriend, Love Island’s Courtney Stubbs, have divided fans on social media after they shared a TikTok of their wild antics on a plane.

The video features the pair recreating a recent Kylie’s Cosmetics advertisement where Kris and Kylie Jenner have a conversation on the phone, which has become a popular sound on the platform.

Love Island’s Courtney Stubbs and MAFS' Jack Millar.
MAFS’ Jack Millar and Love Island’s Courtney Stubbs have divided fans with a recent TikTok. Photo: Instagram/_courtneystubbs

Jack and Courtney are shown sitting in the exit row of the plane and talking to each other on the phone, with the MAFS groom lip-syncing Kris as she says: “It’s five o’clock, time for a cocktail.”

“Okay, give me five minutes,” Courtney replies as Kylie.


The video then cuts to Courtney lying upside down on her seat while Jack pours a can of White Claw into her mouth and drinks his own.

In the next clip, the couple have swapped positions and Jack is twerking on the window seat as Courtney drinks her can and smacks his behind.

The final clip shows that they have switched clothes, with Jack wearing Courtney’s white crop top and jacket while she wears his black sweatshirt.

“This is your captain speaking,” she captioned the video.

MAFS' Jack Millar and Love Island’s Courtney Stubbs on the plane.
The couple drank White Claws while twerking in the emergency row of the plane. Photos: TikTok/_courtneystubbs

‘Annoying behaviour’

The video quickly racked up over 100,000 views on TikTok and received plenty of positive comments from fans.

“This might be the best TikTok you’ve ever posted,” one person wrote.

“This looks like so much fun,” another added, followed by a third who said, “Oh my god I LOVE”.

However, a number of people commented on social media that the video was “cringe” and gave them “second-hand embarrassment”.

“This is such annoying behaviour. Putting your feet up and acting like this on a flight to make a TikTok is so naff,” someone remarked.

“So disrespectful to the other passengers around them,” a different user pointed out, with another writing, “Whatever this is trying to be? This ain’t it”.

Jack and Courtney first sparked dating rumours in July, just a few months after he and his MAFS ‘wife’ Domenica Calarco confirmed that they had called it quits after filming the show’s reunion.

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