MAFS' Jack Millar sparks dating rumours with Love Island star

MAFS star Jack Millar and his TV 'wife' Domenica Calarco confirmed their split in April when the show's reunion episode aired, but the pair has stayed firm friends ever since.

Now, Jack has sparked dating rumours after sharing posts from a seemingly romantic trip to the snow with Love Island star Courtney Stubbs.

MAFS' Jack Millar and Courtney Stubbs
MAFS' Jack has sparked dating rumours with Love Island star Courtney Stubbs after the pair went on a seemingly romantic ski trip together. Photo: Instagram/Courtney Stubbs

The pair hit the slopes in Perisher, NSW, sharing a number of posts together, with one snap even showing them enjoying a bath together after a long day of skiing.


Courtney was on Love Island last year and began dating emergency responder Noah Hurah, however, not long after leaving the show as a couple, the pair split.

Jack and Courtney may not have confirmed whether or not they are, in fact, dating, but Domenica may have answered that question for us.

MAFS' Jack and Love Island's Courtney
The pair shared a number of snaps from the ski fields in Perisher. Photo: Instagram/Courtney Stubbs

During an Instagram Q&A, a follower asked Dom, "How do you feel about Jack and Courtney? Be honest."

The reality star responded, "I'm so happy he is happy," along with 10 love heart emojis.

Dom joked last week that the most asked question she receives is whether or not she and Jack are still together.

While Jack may be coupled up, Dom has been busy with her new podcast Sit With Us, which she hosts alongside her fellow MAFS star Ella Ding.

She also recently officially relaunched her now-infamous OnlyFans account, telling Yahoo Lifestyle she is using this as a chance to "take back power".

MAFS' Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar
When a follower asked her how she felt about Jack and Courtney, Dom responded, 'I'm so happy he is happy.' Photo: Instagram/Domenica Calarco

"After being shamed for OnlyFans on the show and everything I went through, this is my chance to take back power and make light of the experience," she explained, adding the account will be "PG" and provide insight into her light "without the confinements of Instagram which is highly monitored".

"OnlyFans does get a bad rap here in Australia," she said. "People automatically think of it as being an adults-only platform, which it isn't at all. I'm working very closely with OnlyFans to create an entertaining, engaging space for all those who follow me but want a more one-on-one communication.

"There will be behind-the-scenes content too so it’s for the gals as well! Makeup content, vlogs, live chats etc."

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