MAFS star Belinda Vickers announces surprise family news

The Season 8 Married At First Sight participant had a very good Valentine's Day.

In season 8 of Married At First Sight Australia, Belinda Vickers was paired with Patrick Dwyer and the country watched as the two slightly awkward, but adorable, relationship novices grew closer. While their romance lasted past the experiment, the two eventually parted ways and Belinda went on to meet publican Hayden Burbank.

Belinda Vickers has announced her Valentine's Day engagement to publican Hayden Burbank Credit: Belinda Vickers
Belinda Vickers has announced her Valentine's Day engagement to publican Hayden Burbank Credit: Belinda Vickers

In a happy Valentine's Day surprise, Hayden popped the question to Belinda and the pair and now engaged and set to marry (for real).


Belinda shared the news in an Instagram post, which quickly attracted messages of congratulations for the happy pair.

"This is so amazing!" wrote season co-star Melissa Rawson. "Congratulations to you both! Love ya."

Season 8 participant Jason Engler also chimed in writing, "Fk that was cute! Congrats."

Belinda told the Herald Sun that, “It was always yes. It was 12 months after MAFS that we met and it really led me to him and opened up new people for me to meet."

Her groom-to-be was equally gushy saying, “She’s been phenomenal for me, the most beautiful, kind soul I’ve ever met. I had tears rolling down my face as I got down on one knee."

How did Hayden propose to Belinda?

Hayden pulled out all the stops for the epic proposal, putting together a treasure hunt for Belinda which ended in the Botanical Gardens in Victoria.

Who is Hayden Burbank?

So, just who is Belinda's handsome hubby-to-be? Hayden owns Morris Jones Bar & Restaurant in Melbourne which, according to its website, offers 'a Californian take on modern Japanese'.

Judging by the giant diamond he has put on her ring finger, business must be pretty good!

Taking to her Instagram Story, Belinda shared a close-up of the stunning engagement ring, as well as more snaps of her and Hayden celebrating their special news.

Congrats to the lovebirds!

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