MAFS spoiler: Reunion photos reveal surprise twist for Ella and Mitch

While the Married At First Sight Final Vows ended on a positive note for most couples, with Olivia and Jackson, Selina and Cody and Domenica and Jack all committing to continue their relationships outside of the experiment, things didn’t go exactly as planned for Ella and Mitchell.

Shortly after the 27-year-old beautician expressed her desire to stay together in the real world, her TV ‘husband’ brutally admitted that he didn’t feel the same way.

MAFS' Mitchell and Ella at the Final Vows.
MAFS’ Ella was left ‘devastated’ at Final Vows after Mitchell said he couldn’t give her an answer. Photo: Channel Nine

Instead, the 26-year-old financial advisor - who shocked viewers at the final dinner party with his particularly harsh comments toward Ella - said that he needed more time to make a decision about their future.

“What I need now is to go back to my life, to my family, to my friends. It's only then that I'll be able to make a decision that could affect both of our lives,” he revealed.

“What I can’t do and what I won't do is stand here and be forced to make a decision that I'm not yet ready to make. I'm sorry, Ella. But right now I just can't give you the commitment I know that you want.”


Ella was clearly taken aback by what Mitchell had to say, responding through tears: “Wow. Throwing your own little spanner in the works. I'm not surprised, making no decision.”

And while fans believed that to be the end of their relationship, with Ella walking off and telling the camera that the result was “devastating” and “disappointing”, Yahoo Lifestyle has obtained photos from the upcoming reunion episode that prove otherwise.

Reunion pics

MAFS' Mitchell and Ella arriving in the same car to the reunion.
Photos show Ella and Mitchell arriving at the upcoming reunion together. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

Snaps taken on January 13 in Sydney show that the pair arrived at the reunion dinner party in the same car, seemingly proving that they got back together after Final Vows.

Ella wore a green ombré gown with large platform heels while Mitchell was dressed in tan pants, a white shirt and a pink blazer.

However, it is still uncertain whether they are still together to this day, with rumours circling that Ella and Mitch have since done a ‘couple swap’ with Brent and Tamara.

‘He hated it from day one’

The snaps come shortly after Ella spoke openly with Yahoo Lifestyle about her experience in the experiment and whether she has any regrets.

“Mitchell struggled from day one, he hated it from day one. He just always thought it was toxic, always thought it was unhealthy, he was always homesick and I didn't want to make his experience any more negative,” she said.

“Mitchell and I really did have such a great time. We only had three fights, which, let’s be honest, is great when you're living with a stranger 24/7 for three months.

“Any regrets? Maybe just to speak up more, but that’s the risk that you take in pushing him away, which you shouldn't have to do in the real world and I did it in there.”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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