MAFS' Ella says her TV 'narrative' with Mitchell is 'completely different'

Ella Ding and Mitchell Eynaud have been portrayed as having one of the most unpredictable couples on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, even threatening to leave the experiment at one point over the groom’s belief that it was a “toxic” environment.

However, the 27-year-old bride has now revealed that her and Mitchell’s on-screen depiction is “completely different” to what she expected.

MAFS' Ella and Mitchell at the dinner party.
MAFS’ Ella admits she didn’t expect producers to portray her relationship with Mitchell the way that they have. Photo: Channel Nine

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle, Ella admits that watching the series on TV has provided a “different perspective” to what actually happened during filming.

“In terms of watching Mitchell and I’s relationship and the narrative that the producers have gone with, it's completely different to what I had imagined,” she says.

“I had no idea this is the direction that our relationship would go down, but that’s TV for you.”


While their ‘marriage’ started out strong, things turned sour between the pair when they had a tense dinner party discussion about the future of their relationship outside of the experiment.

“We’re two weeks in. Who knows? Who f***ing cares to be honest,” Mitchell said.

“Well, I care,” she responded, to which he replied, “Who gives a s**t? We're less than a month in.”

Speaking about the incident now, Ella confesses that the scene was “hard to watch” because it was so “confronting”.

“I did feel a little bit upset that those were the words that came out of his mouth,” she says. “At the time it wasn't really a big deal because there was so much going on, so watching that back hit a bit of a sensitive spot.

“It's reopened a little bit of that raw feeling at the time, but the way I'm dealing with it now is very different. It's stronger, it’s more constructed and more in control. I'm not angry about anything, I think more just disappointed that I didn't say more in the moment and stand up for myself.”

MAFS' Ella and Mitchell at the commitment ceremony.
Ella says she stands by Mitchell despite his negative portrayal. Photo: Channel Nine

‘The nice stuff has been cut’

Ella went on to say that there were plenty of positive moments in her and Mitchell’s relationship that either didn’t make it to air - like the fishing date she organised to ease Mitchell’s homesickness - or happened off-camera.

“I'll be honest, Mitchell was probably any producer’s worst nightmare and I was every producer’s dream,” she adds.

“So it was really hard to work with us because I was there all for it, I'll tell you everything and anything. But then I had a partner who really, really struggled with all of it. So I was really caught in the middle of respecting my partner's needs and wishes and also trying to work with reality TV, so it was really hard. It got really challenging.”

Despite the ‘edit’, Ella stands by Mitchell and insists that viewers haven’t seen every aspect of their ‘marriage’.

“Mitchell's obviously copped quite a bit of backlash and a bit of a negative run, but I can back him. I was the one who was with him all day every day and he's not only what he's been portrayed to be, that's for sure.

“The nice stuff has been cut, but it is what it is. I’m not going to be holding MAFS against anything, I understand. Mitch and I know what went on for us behind closed doors and that’s all that Mitch and I need really at the end of the day.”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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