MAFS sexologist Alessandra Rampolla's 60kg transformation

Married at First Sight's newest expert Alessandra Rampolla has opened up about how she was able to drop an incredible 60kg.

The certified clinical sexologist from Puerto Rico recently revealed in an interview with Woman's Day magazine she decided to have a gastric bypass surgery in 2008 after struggling with obesity for years.

Alessandra Rampolla married at first sight sexologist
Alessandra Rampolla is the newest expert joinging MAFS. Photo: Instagram/Alessandra Rampolla

"I did it for my health, and at the time I was married and I was thinking about having kids and I had learned about the complications of trying for a baby with that extra weight, so I made a decision," the 46-year-old told the publication.

"It was such a transformation both physically and mentally."


Gastric bypasses involve stapling the stomach to make it smaller, meaning that a person gets full quicker and consumes less food. It also helps the body absorb less calories, though Alessandra also supplemented the procedure with exercise like yoga.

Alessandra has been sharing stunning before and after photos on her Instagram account, regularly opening up about her transformation.

Alessandra Rampolla before and after photos weight loss
Alessandra has been sharing stunning before and after photos. Photo: Instagram/Alessandra Rampolla
mafs expert Alessandra Rampolla weight loss transformation
She's lost almost 60kg. Photo: Instagram/Alessandra Rampolla

In a post from the beginning of 2019 she thanked her surgeon "the great Dr Eduardo Bolanos" for helping her "take control" of her obesity.

"I draw strength and inspiration from my own story of challenges overcome (some little ones, others - like this - not so much) and I dare to look forward and dream big," she wrote.

Alessandra is replacing Dr Trisha Stratford on the 2021 season of Channel Nine's controversial reality show.

The sexologist brings decades of experience to her latest gig, working in the industry for over 20 years.

sexologist Alessandra Rampolla in australia
Alessandra will be joining the 2021 MAFS season. Photo: Instagram/Alessandra Rampolla

Alessandra admitted that she knew nothing about the reality series before she was contacted about the role, and watched all seven seasons while in hotel quarantine.

She will be the first sexologist to feature as an expert on the program, and fans wrote they hoped she could up the game of the heavily-criticised expert panel.

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