MAFS' Domenica and Jack respond to Olivia's explosive claims: 'Lies'

Season nine of Married At First Sight may have ended over a month ago, but on Wednesday Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie did a tell-all interview with the Where’s Your Head At? podcast where they addressed their time on the show and dropped plenty of bombshells about their co-stars.

Now, the pair’s on-screen ‘rivals’ Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar have responded to their explosive claims in an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle.

MAFS’ Jack Millar and Domenica Calarco
MAFS’ Jack Millar and Domenica Calarco have spoken out about Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie. Photo: Channel Nine

“I’m at the point now where I'm just sick and tired of this constant crap about me and the lies,” Domenica tells us. “Like, just give it up, stop talking about this and stop with the lies.”

“This stuff can’t keep being rehashed, it’s all gotta stop,” Jack agrees. “I've separated myself from them. I genuinely haven't spoken to them at all and I don't agree with a lot of the things that have been coming out.”

Jack’s Mental Health

During the podcast interview, Jackson revealed that Jack had actually confided in him about his personal experience with anxiety and helped him understand more about mental health while they were filming the show.

“He got really bad anxiety, and I don’t get it or know much about it,” he shared.

“He taught me a lot about it because I was always there to help him when he had anxiety. And getting to talk to him about it and knowing what he was going through really helped me with what was to come with Liv.”


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, however, Jack says he was “shocked” hearing Jackson discuss his mental health before he had the chance to speak out about it.

“I wasn't sitting there going like, ‘How dare he?’ but I was definitely like, ‘Come on, I haven't discussed this publicly yet, I haven’t had my chance to talk about things that I have all intentions of doing’,” he shares. “It’s a bit saddening.”

“Jackson really threw him under the bus there, and Jack’s actually feeling really down about it, to be honest,” Domenica adds.

MAFS' Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie.
Olivia and Jackson recently did a tell-all interview with the Where’s Your Head At? podcast about their time on the show. Photo: Channel Nine

The Dinner Parties

According to Olivia and Jackson, Domenica “had a go at everybody” at the dinner parties and would constantly pick fights amongst the cast which were never shown on TV.

“She would pick who was having a bad time in their relationship, decide who she thought was the villain, and then she’d go for the jugular. There’d be one every dinner party,” Olivia claimed.

“Obviously that doesn’t air because they can’t make their princess look s**t, but it was just like, perpetual screaming at everybody all the time. And that’s what I was talking about when I lost my s**t at her. It wasn’t her voice, it was the screaming and the swearing.”

However, Domenica says that the claims are “really disgusting” and untrue.

“Apparently I just yelled and screamed at all the dinner parties and had a go at absolutely everyone and was a horrible person and everyone disliked me. I’d actually like to see some examples of that,” she remarks.

“Tell me how I went for everyone. Legitimately, if they're going to keep saying that, please tell me who I went for. I’m sick of that. They're still trying to socially isolate me and I see that as a form of bullying.”

Jack adds: “Dom would always speak up about things that she did not agree with and things that she found morally wrong. That's the type of person she is and she stands up for what she believes in and she has an opinion. She stands up for injustices.”

MAFS' Domenica Calarco at the dinner party.
Olivia and Jackson claimed that Domenica ‘had a go at everybody’ at the dinner parties. Photo: Channel Nine

The Apology

Within the podcast, Olivia and Jackson said that Domenica’s apology for smashing a glass at the retreat was “very scripted”.

“It’s like she went to a bloody D-grade drama school and learnt to do a dramatic pause when you’re trying to remember your lines,” Olivia said. “She wasn’t sorry.”

Domenica explains that she actually had to keep pausing during her apology because she felt “scared” and she was “shaking like an absolute leaf”.

“Of course the apology was genuine,” she asserts. “The moment it happened, I wanted to apologise. I hated what I did.

“And the fact that they've gone and said that it wasn't genuine, look who's talking. She's the one that’s gone on TV and said that her apology wasn't real and she didn’t mean it.”

“I was with Dom 24/7,” Jack says. “It’s a reality TV show, we don’t have scripts! I don’t get that. I was baffled by that.”

MAFS' Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar looking confused.
Jack says he was’ baffled’ by Olivia and Jackson’s claims that Domenica’s apology was ‘scripted’. Photo: Channel Nine

Bryce Ruthven

Another major moment from the interview was when Olivia said that Domenica and Jack had actually contacted last season’s ‘villain’ Bryce Ruthven for some words of wisdom before the show started airing.

“They got their advice on how to be the villains because even they thought they were going to be the villains,” she claimed.

While Domenica and Jack admit that they both spoke with the season eight star, they explain that Bryce was actually the one to reach out to them before their Instagram accounts were taken away last year and they never spoke about dealing with a ‘bad edit’.

“I just asked him questions about what to expect after the show, not about how to handle being the ‘villain’. I never said that!” Domenica clarifies.

“I just genuinely wanted to know before airing started what I should expect,” Jack details. "I wanted to get some insight into what life is actually going to look like. Nothing to do with ‘being the villain’.”

MAFS' Bryce Ruthven.
Olivia and Jackson claimed that Domenica and Jack reached out to last year’s groom Bryce Ruthven for ‘advice on how to be the villains’. Photo: Channel Nine

The Nude Photo Scandal

Just as she did on the reality show, Olivia maintained on the podcast that “there was no harm or malice” intended when she shared the nude photo of Domenica around the cast behind her back.

“It wasn’t to be like ‘Oh my god look at her naked’ or slut shame her or anything,” she emphasised. “It was because we thought it was against our contracts to have that platform. We were thinking, ‘Has production left this up on purpose? Is this entrapment?’.”

However, Domenica doesn’t believe her reasoning and thinks that Olivia shared the photo intending to “create tension within the group”.

"For them to keep saying that I'm trying to be the victim and I did to myself, actually no I didn’t,” she says.

“She’s saying that the reason it was all brought to light was because it was ‘out of contract’ and I was ‘going against contract’. What's it to you? ‘Oh, we’re not supposed to have all these.’ Well if you clicked the link you would’ve seen that it wasn’t active and it would have taken you nowhere.

“It was all left online because yeah, it was a link on a Twitter account or a Reddit account. Big deal.”

After all is said and done, Jack believes it’s important for everyone to move on and “stop trying to bring other people down”.

“Everyone's had their struggles and I just think it's time to really stop rehashing these things,” he says.

“You can't just keep bringing up these old things and trying to say ‘that's not what happened’. It’s all hearsay at the end of the day and I think actions speak louder than words.”

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