MAFS' Seb addresses speculation he and Lizzie have split up

Married At First Sight's Seb Guilhaus and Elizabeth Sobinoff are the only original couple to stay together from this year's season of the show, and with some fans were worried they'd quietly split up, Seb has revealed exactly what's going on between them.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Seb did a Q&A with his followers with one user asking how he and Lizzie were going.

MAFS' Seb has addressed the rumours he and Lizzie have broken up. Photo: Instagram/Elizabeth Sobinoff
MAFS' Seb has addressed the rumours he and Lizzie have broken up. Photo: Instagram/Elizabeth Sobinoff

He responded, "Well, we're going as well as possible considering we can't see each other. Well, that's about to change in about ten days, because I'm moving to Sydney and she's moving in!"

During the same Q&A, Seb called himself "the luckiest little soldier that ever existed" because he's with Lizzie.

Elizabeth sparked speculation that the pair had split when she shared a photo of herself last week with the caption, "New chapter in my story."

Her followers immediately questioned whether everything was alright in her relationship with many assuming they'd split up.

She since edited the caption to include, "No I have DEFINITELY not broken up with my man, I’ve just edited my caption because already there were questions. My baby is coming home to me soon."

Elizabeth has been staying with her parents in Newcastle, while Seb has been self-isolating in Adelaide.

Speaking with 9Now recently, Lizzie said that being away from each other has been "really, really tough" for both of them.

"We were living together from the get-go, and then we were living together for a week-and-a-half, then away from each other for a week-and-a-half, but now nothing," she said.

The reality star continued, "It's definitely not easy, and we both thrive on physical touch."

"So that's a bit of a downer, because we can't do that right now."

She joked, "The first time we get in a full-on relationship, the world ends!"

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