MAFS fans savage new groom over bizarre wedding act: 'Astounding'

Groom Harrison Boon made a strange decision when getting ready for his wedding.

Married At First Sight’s premiere episode was full of drama on Monday night, with groom Harrison Boon allegedly having another girl waiting for him after the show wraps. While his new wife Bronte Schofield was horrified by the bombshell dropped by her pal Jessica Tomlinson, viewers roasted Harrison for his strange act before the wedding.

The extremely confident 32-year-old considers himself quite a catch and takes pride in his appearance. While he was getting ready for the wedding, he covered himself in an excessive amount of aftershave.

L: MAFS groom Harrison Boon looking surprised. R: Harrison Boon spraying aftershave on himself
MAFS groom Harrison was savaged on social media after dousing himself in aftershave. Photo: Nine

While he was liberally applying the product to his wrists, neck, around his face and even the top of his head, the overpowering smell caused him to sneeze.

“Always sneeze after I spray aftershave,” he told producers, completely oblivious to the fact he uses more than the average person.


Fans had a field day with this scene, with many taking to social media to poke fun at the groom.

“Harrison put about as much cologne on his neck as I do Mortein on a cockroach. The parallels are astounding,” one person joked.

“Now we know why Harrison uses so much perfume. It’s to cover the stench of his bulls**t,” another added.

Two photos of MAFS star Harrison Boon sneezing
The spray made Harrison burst into a fit of sneezes. Photo: Nine

“Maybe you wouldn’t sneeze after putting on cologne if you didn’t drown yourself in it you d**khead,” a third pointed out.

“If I went anywhere within a kilometre of Harrison I would have an immediate asthma attack thanks to the nineteen sprays of cologne he just put on,” another quipped.

“That is a COMICALLY EXCESSIVE amount of cologne. Poor Bronte’s throat will be closing up before she’s made it down the aisle,” a fan remarked.

The second bombshell edited out of Bronte and Harrison's wedding

This comes after Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that Jessica Tomlinson was a contestant on Channel 10’s The Bachelors this year, and she found out about Harrison’s indiscretions through this connection.

According to our source, Harrison’s mystery girl also competed on The Bachelors but Channel Nine didn’t want to bring attention to a rival network.

“Jess told Bronte that the girl Harrison was sleeping with was another contestant from The Bachelors, and that's how she knew her – but Channel Nine wouldn't want to draw any attention to a rival show,” a show source told us.


“Producers couldn't believe their luck when this storyline played out on the wedding day but had to be selective with the editing. It also caused a lot of drama behind the scenes as Jessica was still under contract with [The Bachelors production company] Warner Bros which [MAFS production company] Endemol Shine Australia wasn't across.”

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