MAFS' Olivia speaks out about 'new man' after being 'scammed' by ex

EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Frazer appears to have moved on from her controversial ex.

She’s had quite a few unique experiences in the dating world, including when she was left stranded in Scotland earlier this year after being ‘scammed’ by a potential love interest, and now it appears Olivia Frazer may have someone special in her life once again.

The former Married At First Sight bride hit up two Halloween parties in Sydney over the weekend where she was spotted with the same mystery man.

MAFS’ Olivia Frazer dressed as Marie Antoinette chatting with a mystery man.
MAFS’ Olivia Frazer was spotted getting cosy with a mystery man over the weekend. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

On Friday night she was seen enjoying a cosy chat with the British gentleman while on the dance floor at the Maxim Hot 100 Halloween party, just a few metres from her former TV ‘husband’ Jackson Lonie.

Olivia was then photographed with him at Believe Advertising’s annual Halloween party the following evening.


The OnlyFans and CENTREFOLD content creator was dressed as Marie Antoinette and looked lovingly at her date in one shot, while it appeared he didn’t dress up for the costume party.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle about the snaps, Olivia said: “Yes, I did meet a nice man on Friday which was really cute.

“I’m still very much single and just having fun for now though.”

Olivia coincidentally sparked up a romantic connection with a different British man named Will at last year’s Believe Advertising Halloween party, and the pair dated for two months before calling it quits.

 MAFS’ Olivia Frazer chatting with her new man next to Jackson Lonie.
Olivia was seen chatting with her potential new flame at the Maxim Hot 100 Halloween party just a few metres from her ex Jackson Lonie. Photo: Supplied

Who is Olivia's new man?

While details about Olivia’s potential new beau are currently unknown, a source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he was the man who reportedly had an awkward confrontation with Jackson Lonie in the bathroom at the Maxim Hot 100 Halloween party.

The former reality star was seen trying to “push in front” of the man as people lined up to use the facilities.


“You don’t know who I am, do you?” Jackson was heard exclaiming as he unsuccessfully tried to go into the cubicle first, with the man responding: “I’ve got no idea, mate”.

An onlooker tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “So many people heard and were laughing at Jackson it was so embarrassing.”

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