EXCLUSIVE: MAFS' Olivia stranded overseas after being 'scammed by new man'

Former reality star Olivia Frazer went to the other side of the world for love but things took a dark turn.

Married At First Sight's Olivia Frazer has been left stranded in a remote Scottish town after moving her life to the other side of the world to pursue a new romance.

The 30-year-old OnlyFans creator met the mystery man in December whilst spending Christmas in Europe. They spent months talking every day after Olivia returned to Australia before she decided to relocate in June to be with him.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Olivia revealed that upon arriving in Fort William, which has a population of 10,500, she soon realised things weren't quite right.

Olivia Frazer standing in front of a monument in Scotland
MAFS' Olivia Frazer moved to the other side of the world for love. Photo: Instagram/Olivia Frazer

“I wasn't going to share this publicly, but I think it's important to remind other girls not to ignore red flags from the start because you so desperately want it to work with someone. I feel like I've been completely scammed and made a fool out of," Olivia says.

“We spoke almost every day since we met at the start of the year and he told me he wanted me to meet his son once I got back to Scotland, told me he wanted to give things a real go between us and made me feel so wanted after everything I'd been through after MAFS – but it was all lies.”


Olivia explained that in June she first flew to London with two girlfriends for a whirlwind trip around the UK, with the plan being she'd then remain in Scotland alone and her friends would return home.

As the three girls then started exploring Scotland, she says she first got nervous as she introduced her friends to him and they instantly got “suspicious” as things “didn't add up” - but she remained anyway.

Olivia Frazer in a bikini on a boat
The star has been travelling around Europe. Photo: Instagram/Olivia Frazer

Once her girlfriends had left, a-now-alone Olivia says the mystery man started to fizzle out all communication with her and she felt “stranded” in Scotland.

“I had no idea what to do, or what I'd done wrong and a lady in a pub then approached me and asked if I was still seeing him. I told her 'ah that's a bit complicated' and she said: 'Don’t. He has a girlfriend. Has had a girlfriend the whole time. You can you can do better Pet'.”

Since this all unfolded in June and early July, Olivia has been hiding her heartbreak while travelling around Europe with some other female travellers she ended up meeting. She will soon be returning to Australia.

“Part of me is embarrassed to be coming home after all of the articles made such a big deal out of me moving to the UK, but I'm proud of myself for at least giving it a go, being vulnerable and open to finding love again. I just know next time I meet someone not to be so blinded by how much I want it to work," she says.

Olivia Frazer in an Instagram video
Olivia took to Instagram to update her fans on why she's still in Scotland. Photo: Instagram/Olivia Frazer

Olivia updates fans on Instagram

Yesterday, the star took to her Instagram page to explain to her fans why she has decided to stay overseas, despite experiencing heartbreak, telling her followers she feels "fragile".

"So the reason I've stayed in Scotland was to give it a go with a man that I met in real life and have spent nearly every day this year speaking with, and building something with,” she said.

“I won’t get into the nitty-gritty here, but it turned out to be something really messy and cruel – I was led to believe that it was something special.

“I’ve felt really embarrassed but I don’t think I should be. I’m really proud of myself for putting myself back out there and being open to falling in love again and being vulnerable with somebody and it didn't work and that's really on him."

Olivia said she wanted to put out her story as a warning to other women not to ignore red flags in a new relationship because they're desperate to make things work.

Olivia Frazer with friends in Scotland
She's due to return to Australia soon. Photo: Instagram/Olivia Frazer

Forced to defend controversial pet decision

Last month the 30-year-old announced she has relocated to Scotland “indefinitely” - with her only plans to return so she could begin the process of taking her puppy Stella with her.

Earlier in August she was forced to defend her decision to travel overseas and leave Stella at home, with the reality star telling Yahoo Lifestyle she felt like she had to be “super defensive” about her love of animals because of her MAFS edit.

“While they showed my cast mates in loving scenes with their dogs, they only showed me being jumped on by muddy dogs (in white jeans!) and being dragged while trying to walk Jackson [Lonie]’s dog - which is a psychological trick editors use on the audience to make a character more unlikeable.”

“The ‘villain edit’ is just that calculated. I love animals and have always had spoiled pets and I truly suffer when I’m apart from them.”

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