MAFS’ Jackson reveals eye-watering cost of transformation: ‘Very expensive’

It has become a trend for MAFS stars to get their teeth done after appearing on the show, with Jackson Lonie debuting his initial transformation in May.

The star has just revealed that his complete transformation took much longer than fans realised, and spilled that the dental work cost ‘north of $10,000’.

L: MAFS star Jackson Lonie with bright veneers. R: Jackson Lonie on the show
MAFS star Jackson Lonie had over $10,000 worth of work done to his teeth. Photo: Instagram/jacklonie1 & Nine

Jackson explained on 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin show that his top row veneers took around five weeks to finish, but Invisalign for the bottom row took approximately 28 weeks to complete.

“Getting veneers I’ve just had so much more confidence, like [my] shoulders are back a lot more and I’ve got a bit of swagger in my step,” he announced.


Radio host Erin Nolan pointed out the trend of reality TV stars getting their teeth fixed after gaining popularity, and asked him to share how much it cost.

The MAFS star said it wasn’t the ‘cheapest’ because he had ‘quite a fair bit done’, telling the hosts that it was in the ‘high thousands’.

“$10,000, is that fair to say?” Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes asked.

“It’s north of that,” Jackson replied, before adding: “It’s an expensive smile”.

He told the hosts that the veneers were done well and shouldn't be able to fall off by themselves.

"I've chewed gobstoppers and they haven't come out," he bragged.

L: Jackson Lonie before getting veneers. R: Jackson Lonie after getting veneers
Jackson's teeth looked completely different after getting veneers. Photo: Instagram/jacklonie1

Jackson debuts his new smile

This comes after the star proudly showed off his new veneers on Instagram.

The reality star spoke to his followers on his Instagram Stories, saying, "A few of you have been asking what I've been doing in Melbourne, I'm actually here to get my teeth done at Vogue Studios with Dr Dee!


"So, sit tight and I'll show you the end result!"

A few hours later he shared another video showing off his new, very bright teeth, saying with a big smile, "Here they are guys! The reveal! These are my temporary ones until a couple of weeks when I get the real ones put in!"

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