MAFS’ Olivia makes unbelievable four-month salary on OnlyFans

Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer has revealed the whopping amount of money she made in her first four months on OnlyFans.

Speaking on the podcast The Deep, the MAFS 'villain' opened up about how she got into OnlyFans and how she used the platform to help defend herself after she was caught in the middle of a scandal on the reality show when she shared a nude photo of co-star Domenica Calarco with other contestants.

Olivia said she created her account on the adult subscription site on May 2 after the idea struck her at 2am on a random Tuesday night.

"I actually worked for a luxury lingerie brand for years and years and years in retail and head office," she told the podcast. "I sold sex toys, I was the best in the company by a long shot before I got into teaching and it was something I was really passionate about and women's sexuality and things like that."

Olivia said when OnlyFans started gaining more popularity in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, she thought it might be a career she was passionate about.

Olivia Frazer poses in a white lingerie corset.
Olivia Frazer had 7000 subscribers to her OnlyFans at her peak. Source: Instagram

"I thought, 'I'd love to do that', but I couldn't do that and be a teacher," she said.

Olivia added after she quit her teaching studies following the show and the nude photo scandal, she thought launching an OnlyFans account would prove she did not believe in shaming women and supported them embracing their sexuality.

"I officially decided teaching was off the table, it wasn't about the money, I didn't think anyone would ever subscribe," she told The Deep.

The MAFS star admitted she did not know how the platform worked at first and spent a bit of time researching it before posting any content. However, she discovered people were subscribing to her account regardless.

"I thought, 'Oh, I think I'm going to launch it," she said.

"I had a conversation with [ex-partner and MAFS co-star Jackson Lonie] and he's like, 'Do whatever you want, it's your body'."


Olivia revealed at her peak she had 7000 subscribers and made an eye-watering $500,000 in just four months.

However, she said her split from Jackson impacted her OnlyFans salary, no longer having somebody to bounce content ideas off and struggling to feel "sexy" enough to create content.

Olivia Frazer takes selfies while wearing lingerie.
MAFS star Olivia Frazer joined OnlyFans earlier this year. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

"I've gradually lost subscribers, obviously the novelty of Olivia Frazer on OnlyFans has worn off," she said.

"But I felt like I didn't only lose my partner, I also lost my work colleague and it's taken me a while. I feel like I'm getting my groove back, I wasn't really feeling sexy and it's not like OnlyFans is a 9 to 5 where you can show up day in and day out and get the job done, it very much depends on if I feel sexy."

Olivia revealed on the podcast she would not do OnlyFans forever and spoke about her dreams for the future.

"I do plan on investing really well in property and things like that," she said.

"I think I do want to move back to the UK eventually and buy a nice little cottage in the country and walk my dogs and collect rent from other properties and live a nice quiet life.

"I don't plan on doing OnlyFans forever, but I plan on killing it while I'm still in the game."

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