Fans 'genuinely concerned' at Lizzie's transformation ahead of MAFS return

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Lizzie Sobinoff has shocked fans with her latest snap. Photo: Instagram/lizalizzieelizabeth

MAFS fans are waiting with bated breath for the grand return of 2019 bride Lizzie Sobinoff who is heading down the reality TV aisle again on this year’s season, but it looks like many won’t be able to recognise the return bride after a jaw-dropping transformation.

What many fans didn’t anticipate, however, was the star’s drastically different look which was front and centre in a selfie uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday.

Lizzie, who wowed with dramatic blonde hair and curves on last year’s season is cutting a noticeably different figure these days.

Not only has she swapped the platinum blonde for a natural brown, but a heavy fake tan routine and dramatic weight loss have left the 27-year-old barely recognisable to loyal fans.

Now spruiking fat-burning and cellulite reducing products all over her page and stories, fans are voicing concerns over the former body-positivity advocate’s sudden change of heart and slim new figure.

Last year Lizzie cut a different figure on Married at First Sight. Photo: Nine

Though the star has previously opened up about her struggle with chronic illness and fluctuating weight, some fans are expressing genuine concern.

“Sorry I don’t want to sound rude in any way but your beautiful but you don’t look well,” one fan wrote.

“I adore you, yet I’m genuinely concerned. This is now beyond just ‘looking skinny’ I hope you are ok,” another wrote.

Others hit back, pointing out the star is clearly damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

“She was copping it last time on MAFS for being too big, now to thin, all I love is that she looks happy,” one wrote.

“Lizzy is her own person, who is happy within herself with how she is and it is no one's right to make her feel otherwise! “ another agreed.

Of further concern to many is the star’s sudden alignment with weight-loss, and fat reduction products.

New ‘fat-burning’ messages on Instagram

Lizzie has raised eyebrows with some of her product promotions lately. Photo: Instagram/lizalizzieelizabeth

The transformed photo was promoting a ‘booty mask’ designed to reduce cellulite, and last month she turned heads with a promo shot for a product claiming to ‘reduce fat’.

The Inluxxe product, known as a 3-in-1 ‘skintight wand’, was promoted by a lingerie-clad Lizzie along with the following claims.

“Tighten your skin, reduce fat, cellulite & stretch marks too!” she captioned the snap promoting the $240 product.

At least one fan pointed out the message from formerly body-positive Lizzie was jarring.

“Wtf? Aren’t you about body positivity? And now you’re selling this? Fat, cellulite and stretch marks are normal,” they wrote.

Lizzie has hit back at similar criticism in the past when fans began to question her sudden slim down.

Although not all the reactions to the transformation were negative, and many also praised Lizzy’s new look, the 27-year-old seemingly responded to the comments in a second post back in October 2019.

She has previously said that she lost 10 kgs after the show and that she has an auto-immune condition that means her weight is always changing.

“I think I always look fabulous,” she told NW magazine, “I’ve thought that when I weighed 49kg and when I’ve weighed 90kg.”

Lizzie is expected to make her MAFS return this week.

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