'So f***ed': Viewers slam MAFS groom's 'disgusting' revenge act

Kristine Tarbert
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David shrugged off his 'disgusting' prank. Photo: Channel Nine

If you thought there was little that could top the drama of previous seasons of controversial reality show Married at First Sight, then what unfolded at this week’s dinner party will have downright shocked you.

And we’re not talking about the cheating scandal between Michael and Hayley.

We’re talking about the ‘disgusting’ act of revenge MAFS groom David decided was the best way to get back at Hayley for said cheating scandal. But viewers, and fellow contestants, have slammed David for his ‘prank’ involving his TV wife’s toothbrush and a toilet.

“What about the fact that David rubbed my toothbrush in a toilet... and you filmed it. Someone on this table sent it to me,” Hayley announces at the dinner party, revealing the used toothbrush before grabbing her phone to show the video evidence.

Fans of the show were quick to take to social media to hit out at the groom’s act.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

David didn’t apologise or have much of a defence claiming his mates had done worse to him.

“My mates have done worse to me you know why? Because practical jokes there is no limit,” he declared, before eventually just up and leaving the dinner party all together.

However, David did eventually see the error of his ways admitting he “did something really childish” and apologising for the incident this week during an interview on news.com.au’s Not Here To Make Friends podcast.

“I’m ashamed of myself,” he said.

Despite this, he still tried to defend his actions, claiming he had to deal with Hayley’s “not very lady like” mess in the bathroom, and was in a ‘dark place’ after the cheating scandal came to light. He even said he Googled whether the act was dangerous.

“It’s her own poo, it’s her own bacteria in her own body so it’s not going to hurt her,” he defended himself.

Hayley was visibly distraught over the incident. Photo: Channel Nine
David had filmed the incident. Photo: Channel Nine

Fellow MAFS participants were quick to slam the act when it was revealed during the dinner party, with Mishel, who is the one that warned Hayley off using her toothbrush, saying that “she did not deserve that”.

“That’s not a joke,” Mishel tells producers. “He needs to apologise for that.”

“For someone that claims they didn’t like her or didn’t care, he went pretty low to get back at her,” Connie added.

Even the experts appeared visibly sick watching the clip of the act on the screen during the dinner party.

“That is disgusting,” Mel Schilling said. “That could make her very sick.”

The experts were shocked at what they say. Photo: Channel Nine

Hayley had previously revealed the fact her groom did “one of the most repulsive things in the show’s history”.

She spoke about the incident on Hit FM Gold Coast earlier this month, describing the incident at the time as “bordering on abuse”.

Despite what seemed like a successful wedding, Hayley and David’s relationship went south quickly on the show, with the duo bickering over a comment Hayley made about David’s $25 per hour truck driver job.

David also recently hit out at the reality TV show for its ‘clever’ editing in a leaked video obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle, claiming he has been given a rough go so far.

“I just wanted to thank all my friends for seeing through the bulls*** and clever editing,” he started off in the bedside rant.

“So far I’ve copped a bit of a rough edit but I’m just going to stay quiet and the truth will be told sooner or later.

Hayley and David seemed to get along well at their wedding. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

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