Fans shocked as MAFS star, 48, joins OnlyFans adult site

Former Married at First Sight bride Mishel Meshes has shocked fans with her latest social media venture, signing up for notorious X-rated site Only Fans this month.

The 48-year-old joined the site at the beginning of the month, sharing her first image on October 2, but only now are MAFS fans realising the existence of the private page.

MAFS Mishel meshes Only Fans private page revealed
Mishel Meshes has shocked fans with a new Only Fans private account. Photo: Instagram/ mishel_meshes

Mishel is charging fans $50 per month for an ‘intimate view’ into her world, though she clarifies there will be no sexual content on display. A special offer is currently offering membership for half price.

MAFS fans gobsmacked at Only Fans reveal

Married at First Sight portrait Mishel Meshes Only Fans page revealed leaving fans of show shocked
Fans of the hit series which launched Mishel's public profile were shocked at the move. Photo: Instagram/ mishel_meshes

Gobsmacked fans took to a MAFS Facebook page to discuss the move from the mum of two,

“A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do,” a fan wrote alongside a screenshot of Mishel’s restricted page.

Mishel Meshes MAFS star's Only Fans page shown in screengrab
The image of the 48 year old's page was a shock to many. Photo: Instagram/ mishel_meshes

Many were flabbergasted at the steep monthly subscription price.

“She’s dreaming,” one person wrote.

“Holy sh*t $50 a month is steep,” another agreed.

“What the hell is she selling for $50 a month?” another wondered.


Mishel clarified in her OnlyFans description that the content she is sharing is not sexual though she did promise a couple of ‘cheeky’ moments.

“I am new on this platform...” her bio reads. “I am checking it out and you can check me out. This is an intimate view of my world not a collection of intimate photos. Expect - bikini outdoors garden and some cheeky pictures. NO sexual content. I hope that you enjoy my page.”

She tells Yahoo Lifestyle she had no idea the site was even used for adult content.

“I did not realise that this was a big thing,” she says. “It came up to join on Cameo and so I did. I thought it would be a more intimate way to get to know my followers.”

She says her OnlyFans page is a more cost effectiove way her fans can connect, compared to other platforms.

“I can speak to people individually without giving out my phone number and it is cheaper for them than Cameo or VEETup where they pay the same for a 1-minute hello or an hour group talk,” she says. “I thought it was more cost-effective for the followers.”

Though some teased the reality star for joining the site, plenty of fans came to her defence.

“No judging here,” one wrote.

“You're all laughing, yet she's probably getting clients easily,” another pointed out.

Mishel meshes selfie MAFS star joins adult site no sexual content
Mishel clarified no sexual content would be shared on the site. Photo: Instagram/ mishel_meshes

“Look, she’s hot,” another wrote. “Why shouldn’t she? Every second girl seems to do it and doesn’t get shamed.... why do the rules change for her?”

Others agreed, pointing out she was simply treading where other MAFS stars had walked before.

“Looks like [she’s] following in Hayley’s footsteps,” one pointed out.

Co-star Hayley Vernon also shocked fans when she joined the site earlier in the year.

Others thought the whole thing was simply silly.

“So ridiculous,” one woman wrote.

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