MAFS' Mishel Karen defends taking daughter on stage at sex convention

EXCLUSIVE: The season seven bride has responded to online criticism.

OnlyFans star and former Married At First Sight bride Mishel Karen has defended her decision to bring her daughter out on stage with her at a sex convention on Friday.

The adult content creator, 52, was joined by Eva, 22, as part of a raunchy runway at LoveX (formerly SexPo) in Brisbane where they both strutted their stuff in lingerie before being joined by male strippers.

MAFS’ Mishel Karen and her daughter Eva.
MAFS’ Mishel Karen has responded to criticism after she brought her daughter to a sex convention. Photo: Instagram/mishel_meshes

After pictures of the pair were shared online and met with criticism, Mishel tells Yahoo Lifestyle the backlash made her question whether she was a "bad mother".

“I kinda had the same [thought] last night when I volunteered Eva to go on stage with Men of Dreams,” she says. “It was heaps of fun but I thought for a millisecond that people would judge me as a bad parent getting my daughter on stage with the guys.”

However, Mishel then shrugged off any doubt after “realising where they were” and the fact Eva is “an adult and was giggling and having fun”.


Since starting an OnlyFans account in 2020 and subsequently becoming one of Australia’s most high-profile porn stars, Mishel says Eva and her adult son are both supportive and “indifferent” to her career.

“They just see what I do as a regular job that pays the bills,” she adds. “It’s kind of like having best friends that are very understanding.

“When fans come up for pictures at these conventions Eva just steps to the side. She is very supportive of what I do.”

Mishel confirmed that Eva will not be following in her footsteps and doing adult work, but has recently started modelling - including a commission for a lingerie shoot for a French magazine.

MAFS' Mishel Karen.
Mishel says her two adult children are both supportive and ‘indifferent’ to her career. Photo: Instagram/mishel_meshes

Mishel's huge pay day

This comes after Mishel revealed the most amount of money she’s made on the adult subscription-based platform in a month.

“It was about $48,000,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle last year. “It's pretty good. It’s not like the other girls but the thing is, I'm double their age and I have a very unique market.”


Mishel went on to admit that OnlyFans isn’t as profitable as some people might think because there are plenty of outlays that come with the job.

“You’ve got to find locations, you’ve got to book AirBnbs. You can't just keep filming at home,” she explained.

“You need to get lighting and pay cameramen, and then you buy all this lingerie. The outfit I'm wearing now, I can't wear it again after doing photoshoots… I’m not complaining, the money is still good, but yeah.”

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