MAFS' Melissa reveals truth about rumours she's joining OnlyFans

EXCLUSIVE: The season 10 bride spills on her plans after the show.

Married At First Sight’s Melissa Sheppard has responded to rumours she will be joining the adult subscription-based platform OnlyFans following her appearance on the reality show.

The 41-year-old hairdresser, who viewers referred to as the ‘horny bride’ due to her sexual confidence throughout the experiment, tells Yahoo Lifestyle she has some “racy” content to share with her followers in the near future.

MAFS’ Melissa Sheppard wearing a blue dress.
MAFS’ Melissa Sheppard has revealed the truth about rumours she’s joining OnlyFans. Photo: Channel Nine

However, despite having plenty of friends on the platform, she has no plans to join OnlyFans anytime soon.

“To all my followers, I am so apologetic but no, you will not be seeing me on OnlyFans,” she says. “Anybody that does that, my hat goes off to them and hand on heart, you do whatever floats your boat. But for myself personally, you won't be seeing me on that kind of platform.”


Melissa went on to share that since regaining access to her Instagram account last month, she’s received plenty of requests for explicit content.

“True story, I got asked - this is a little creepy - to send my used underwear, and there would be any figure for that,” she details. “That’s not going to happen.

“But you will see going forward I'm gonna be doing some collabs with some really great brands, and there will be some photos that you will see in tasteful classy lingerie or sportswear - all above board.

“Things that I will be very proud of for my father or my son or my brothers or my mum and sister to say, ‘Hey, she wears that well, she owns her body, she’s body confident’. So there will be some racy things out there, but it just won't be on OnlyFans.”

MAFS’ Melissa Sheppard wearing a black see-through top.
Melissa says she has ‘some racy things’ to share in the near future but it won’t be on OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/mel_sheppard1

'Ripped off'

Speaking about her relationship with her TV ‘husband’ Josh White, Melissa believes they were paired together “just to create an explosion for reality TV”.

“I actually feel bad for Josh and for myself that in the experiment that's what they do now,” she says. “That's part of the way that they make great reality TV.

“Josh and I did actually really get along. There were some hard moments, but there were some great moments in our relationship that nobody got to see, and that's really sad. I wish Josh nothing but the best and I feel that we both got ripped off in the experiment.”

Melissa adds that she hopes future cast members are fully aware of what they’re getting into before they apply for the show.

“You’re either going to be a villain or you're going to get a great edit, and they've already picked your character before you've gone on,” she remarks.

“Whoever is going to be part of season 11, we’ll all be here at the end to offer them a hand. And I'll be the first to reach out and say, ‘Hey, come here’ and give them a hug because I've lived it, I've seen it, I've breathed it. And if you don't get a great edit or if you say something controversial or you have a slip-up, they’re waiting for that to happen.

“So season 11, anyone that's going to be on, please be mindful. Please do your research because it's not what you think.”

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