'What a dog': MAFS' Micheal hangs up on radio hosts after fiery outburst

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MAFS groom michael angry
Michael lost his cool on radio. Photo: Channel Nine

While he normally tries to appear cool, calm, and collected on our TV screens happy to stir up drama for other participants, controversial Married at First Sight groom Michael Goonan found himself in the hot seat on radio this morning and didn’t like it one bit.

During an interview on Hit FM Mid North Coast breakfast show, Get Up With Krysti & Bodge, radio hosts asked the reality star about a video doing the rounds that supposedly proves he did actually cheat on Stacey by making out with Hayley earlier in the season.

But the business director, who at this stage is still ‘married’ to Stacey on the show, wasn’t having a bar of it, lashing out in a fiery outburst before hanging up on the hosts.

MAFS Michael and Stacey
Michael and Stacey were 'in love' on the show.Photo: Channel Nine

“Oh, that’s the rumour everyone keeps telling me. But I’m yet to see the video so I’m not putting any confirmation in that,” Michael said when Bodge asked about the clip.

But Michael really lost his cool when Bodge said he had in fact seen the video because Vanessa - fellow MAFS contestant who is said to have been in the room when the ‘cheating’ happened - showed it to him.

“You’ve seen the video?” Michael asked, before unleashing further, “Do you know what? I’m going to be completely honest with you because I had another guy from radio try to do this to me yesterday. These are just Kyle Sandilands wannabe shock factors.

“Mate, the only reason you’d have that video, let me tell you Jason from Adelaide, the only reason you’d have that video is because you probably were hanging out ... sharing needles, probably in Elizabeth [a northern suburb 40 minutes out of Adelaide]. Let me give you the hot tip, that would not surprise me at all if you had that mate.

“You can go absolutely do one.”

Bodge hit back, calling Mike a “dog” and “a little rich boy”, before the groom hung up.

What a dog, Mike. Listen to ya. You little rich boy. Your parents have got you all your wealth and you come on this show and you rag on the fact I’m from Elizabeth. Mate, I love Elizabeth. It’s fantastic. He’s gone, he’s gone. He’s hung up,” he was heard saying.

At this point Krysti added: “This is going swimmingly.”

“What a piece of work. Stuff him. We don’t need him. What a whiny little b**ch,” Bodge concluded.

MAFS groom hangs up on radio hosts after awkward interview

It’s not the first time a MAFS participant has decided to call time on a radio interview this season.

Back in February things got very awkward on-air between Married At First Sight groom Ivan Sarakula and Hit 101.3's Daniel ‘Gawndy’ Gawned and Ash Pollard.

At the time Gawndy opened up the interview by saying: “Welcome to the show, the tall, light and ugly Ivan. Hello!” Much to Ivan’s annoyance.

“That's a good way to start off an interview if you want to get s**t out of me,” Ivan replied.

After a bit more of an argument the radio host said: “Mate, we're pretty happy to cut this interview right here, right now, to be honest. We don't really need to talk to you if we don't want to.”

Ivan agreed, with both saying short goodbyes and hanging up, with Gawndy calling it the “shortest interview in Married At First Sight history”.

Married at First Sight continues Sunday Night on Channel Nine.

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