MAFS' Michael confirms he's 'very happy' with new girlfriend

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MAFS' Michael and Stacey at one of the show's dinner parties
MAFS' Michael confirms he's no longer with 'wife' Stacey and has found someone else. Photo: Channel Nine

Married At First Sight's Michael Goonan has confirmed he's no longer with Stacey Hampton, but it also sounds like he's not with KC Osborne or one of the show's producers, as was previously rumoured.

The 29-year-old spoke to hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt on Wednesday and revealed he has a new girlfriend who he'd "take a bullet for".

When asked if there is anyone in his life since the show, he said, “I decided that single wasn't the way to be. I’ve actually met someone that I’m with now and I would take a bullet for. She’s my world and I’m really happy, so it worked out for me in the end I guess.

"So, I am really happy and I don't know how much I can say that," he told the hosts.

"It’s a good feeling just waking up and being like ’Wow, OK, like how the hell did this all work out for me?'”

When asked by the show's hosts if his new girlfriend is uncomfortable watching MAFS with him he said it was, calling it "challenging at times".

"Yeah 100 percent. At times it can be very challenging at times for any girl to watch that."

Michael joked, "Imagine going over to your boyfriend's house, a year has gone by and he's flicking through pictures of him and his ex on holiday in Bali."

"You're going to be like 'Hey, hey you get them in the recycling bin, you get rid of them. They're gone... You burn them!'"

"No one wants to see that," he added.

MAFS' Michael enjoys a drink
MAFS' Michael says 'it's challenging' for his new girlfriend to watch him on the show. Photo: Instagram/Michael Goonan

Speaking with Nova 100's Chrissie, Sam and Browny on Tuesday, Michael also shot down rumours that he dated KC.

"Everyone keeps asking me if I'm with KC or if I'm not. Honestly, it’s getting fired at me that many times it’s ridiculous. I don’t honestly know where that came from," he said.

However, host Chrissie Swan reminded him that he had previously said on-air, "I can 100 per cent say I'm with someone from the show".

Michael then insinuated it was instead a producer from the show, “One hundred per cent but everyone thinks of the show as being 20 people but there is 200 people that work on that show you know what I mean. You meet a lot of people."

"So you’re saying you’re seeing a producer? A caterer, a janitor?" Chrissie questioned.

He quickly responded, "I’ll tell you this, my partner is absolutely amazing, she’s a wonderful girl."

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