MAFS Michael tried to get out of the experiment because he was 'bored'

Kristine Tarbert
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Michael reportedly wanted to get out of the experiment. Photo: Channel Nine

Controversial Married at First Sight groom Michael Goonan was reportedly so ‘bored’ during filming he called his parents to try and bail him out of the social experiment.

According to New Idea magazine, the 28-year-old wanted to return to his partying ways and decided to call his wealthy parents to try and help him out.

“He was sick of being stuck in a hotel room with Stacey. He just wanted to go out and party, so he called his parents,” a source told the publication.

Currently Michael and Stacey are going strong on the show. Photo: Channel Nine

It’s believed they couldn’t do anything as Michael had already signed his contract with Channel Nine and the production company Endemol Shine Australia.

However Michael has rubbished the claims calling them ‘nonsense’.

“It's nonsense! If I wanted to leave, I would have left,” he told the Daily Mail. “I don't need to ask mummy and daddy, I'm a big boy.”

MAFS Michael’s week-long party after filming

It certainly didn’t take long after filming ended for Michael to return to his partying ways.

Last month MAFS Michael was spotted with a host of different women in the space of just under a fortnight, adding to speculation that his and TV wife Stacey Hampton’s marriage doesn’t go the distance, despite their relationship seeming to be mended on the show.

Michael had quite the week back in February – enjoying a party-week that took him around almost the whole country.

“Michael’s been on a week-long bender. He hooked up with multiple girls in Darwin, then came to Sydney, hooked up with another girl... and now doing the same in Melbourne,” a source told Yahoo Lifestyle at the time.

Michael's partying ways have been called out by Stacey on the show more than once. Photo: Instagram/mickygoonan

MAFS cheating scandal deepens

Things had been frosty between Michael and Stacey after he was involved in an apparent cheating scandal on the show with a different MAFS bride - Hayley Vernon.

The bodybuilder appeared on A Current Affair last night, where she revealed that she and Michael kissed numerous times throughout the night after they went out together during filming to Darling Harbour. 

After leaving the show Hayley appeared on A Current Affair last night, where she revealed she and Michael had kissed numerous times throughout the night after they went out together during filming to Darling Harbour. 

“It wasn’t just one kiss," Hayley said. “It wasn’t this big in-depth thing. The guy walked into a room, had his Tommy Hilfiger top on walking around like the alpha male that he thinks he is. And we macked on.”

“We went from chair to chair to chair. We went out. Kissed. It wasn’t just one kiss. It was happening for the night.”

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