MAFS' Melissa speaks up in new trailer: 'We are a sinking ship'

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A trailer of the last commitment ceremony from this year’s MAFS shows Melissa call her relationship with Bryce a ‘sinking ship’.

Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven have become the most controversial couple from this year’s Married At First Sight.

Their relationship has been not only talk of the dinner party table but also social media, with viewers left so shocked they've been making official complaints about some of the things aired in the series.

Now, in a trailer for the last commitment ceremony, it seems Melissa is finally ready to speak up.


Melissa can be heard saying: “We are a sinking ship at this point”.

Bryce then adds: “It’s very evident I don’t want to be here”.

Melissa and Bryce from MAFS
Melissa calls her realtionship with Bryce a 'sinking ship'. Photo: Nine

However, despite the scenes, it does appear that the couple are still together, with the Daily Mail interviewing them at Sydney Airport on Wednesday.

When asked about how they’d been portrayed on screen, Melissa stood up for her husband, saying: "I know the real Bryce.

"What everyone is seeing... it's a great edit, I'll say that.”

Bryce agreed with Melissa’s comments, saying: "The edit is definitely part of me, the good parts and bad parts."

"I think everyone else can work it out for themselves," Bryce grinned. "I've had a great edit I reckon. I'm really happy with it."

The media watchdog received 14 complaints about this year's season of MAFS - four of those were about Bryce and Melissa, according to a report by The Wash.

Melissa and Bryce on MAFS
Melissa and Bryce are one of the most controversial couples on the show. Photo: Nine
Melissa and Bryce on MAFS
Viweres have complained about the portrayal of their relationship. Photo: Nine

"Under the co-regulatory system, the ACMA will refer complainants to the broadcaster in the first instance," a statement read.

"If the complainant does not receive a response from the broadcaster within 60 days, or is not satisfied with the response, they may refer their complaint to the ACMA who may choose to investigate."

Bryce in particular has come under fire from viewers multiple times throughout the season, with many viewers calling out his "toxic" and "disgusting" behaviour towards Melissa.

It all began at the beginning of the series when the contestants were asked to rank their other half based on how attractive they were compared to the other participants on the show.

Melissa ended up in tears when Bryce placed her fourth on the list. Bryce has mentioned numerous times that Melissa isn’t his usual type, which is blonde hair and blue eyes.

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