MAFS production shut down after Bryce and Bec kiss

Married at First Sight's Rebecca Zemek has claimed Channel Nine had to shut down production of the controversial reality show after she received an unwanted kiss from Bryce Ruthven.

Speaking on 2Day’s Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin she opened up about how the kiss from Bryce was unwelcome, admitting she "felt violated" by the incident.

bryce kisses rebecca married at first sight
Rebecca Zemek said she felt 'violated' by the unwanted kiss. Photo: Channel Nine

Bryce and Bec have regularly come to blows during this season of MAFS, with Bec repeatedly calling out Bryce's 'toxic' behaviour towards his wife Melissa.

However things hit fever point during Tuesday night's episode, when Bryce went to 'apologise' to Bec, by forcing a kiss on her cheek that had viewers seeing red.

"Rebecca did not consent to that kiss from Bryce. @Channel9 you need to acknowledge this and remove Bryce immediately," one person wrote on Twitter.

While another agreed: "Bryce forcing a kiss upon Rebecca in MAFS is uncomfortable watching - & definitely triggering for people who have been subject to DV & sexual assault. Especially in these times, where is your duty of care Channel 9?"


Erin Molen was quick to ask Bec about how she felt following the "polarising moment", with Bec revealing she thought Bryce was just coming over to shake her hand.

"But then when he went to lean into me, I just freaked out," she said.

"I didn't want him near me, to begin with him coming over to me was quite stressful for me, but then as soon as he grabbed me and went in. I think I just blacked out and freaked out about it, a terrible moment."

bec cries after mafs Bryce kiss
Bec was clearly upset by the incident during the show. Photo: Channel Nine

Erin then asked her if she felt violated, to which Bec responded: "Yeah I did. And I think I make that very clear on the show last night."

The incident left her so rattled, that Bec revealed she apparently went to the crew to tell them she thought the incident was 'inappropriate'

"It was one of those moments where you bring the contract out and find out what your rights are, because I didn't sign up for this, I didn't sign up to even be having conversations with Bryce anymore. Where do we draw the line," she told the hosts.

"So we shut production down from this for the next day. It was just so immensely mentally draining for me."

Bryce had already tried to brush off the incident earlier this week, after it already caused a stir after it was hinted at during one of the show's promo clips.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O previously, he claimed it was merely a “friendly kiss”.

“It’s not really a kiss. You know how you greet someone, give them a hug, kiss on the cheek sort of thing,” he said, adding Bec had overreacted and that her tears were “fake”.

It comes after it was already revealed this week that multiple complaints have reportedly been received by the Australian Communications and Media Authority about MAFS.

The media watchdog received 14 complaints about this year's season of MAFS - four of those were about Bryce and Melissa, according to a report by The Wash.

"Under the co-regulatory system, the ACMA will refer complainants to the broadcaster in the first instance," a statement read.

"If the complainant does not receive a response from the broadcaster within 60 days, or is not satisfied with the response, they may refer their complaint to the ACMA who may choose to investigate."

Channel Nine has not yet publicly responded to the complaints.

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