MAFS' Melinda reveals how producers decide where couples honeymoon

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s why only a few season 11 couples spent their honeymoon overseas.

One of the biggest questions viewers have had following week one of Married At First Sight is how the producers decide where to send the couples on their honeymoons.

While Tori and Jack flew to exotic Vanuatu after their wedding and Sara and Tim spent time in tropical Fiji, their co-stars stayed in Australia.

Cassandra and Tristan enjoyed time in Adelaide, Lucinda and Timothy visited Port Stephens, Eden and Jayden went to Airlie Beach, Natalie and Collins travelled to Broome, and Ellie and Ben honeymooned in Bowral.

MAFS’ Tori and Jack on their honeymoon / MAFS’ Lucinda and Timothy on their honeymoon.
MAFS’ Tori and Jack spent their honeymoon in Vanuatu while Lucinda and Timothy visited Port Stephens, which is a 2.5-hour drive from Sydney. Photos: Channel Nine

This is similar to last year’s season, where Sandy and Dan went to Singapore and Tahnee and Ollie flew to Fiji while Bronte and Harrison spent time in the Hunter Valley.

During an interview on Yahoo Australia's Behind The Edit podcast, season 10 bride Melinda Willis explained that the weddings and honeymoons are “staggered” over two weeks before everyone attends the very first dinner party.

“When you do your hens and you do your bucks, some of the girls were off in the next few days to get married and I had two weeks to wait,” she detailed. “You know how you see us all kind of get married at the same time, do the honeymoon at the same time and do the dinner party at the same time? That’s not all correct.

“If you’re first, they actually have to separate you for a few days while everyone else catches up so that no more happens and they don't get it on camera. So they have to separate you and then bring you back together to go into the dinner party.”


Melinda added that the producers’ decision to send you on an international or regional honeymoon comes down to two things: timing and drama.

“I think they kind of look at who's going to bring the drama and how much content they're going to get, and obviously they're going to send them away longer which is the overseas trips,” she shared.

“Whereas ours was in the Hawkesbury river and I think we had a day and a half of our honeymoon. Then we went from our honeymoon that morning straight into the dinner party while everyone else had either been separated or were still together, got to sleep, wake up and get ready for the dinner party.”

MAFS’ Melinda Willis.
Melinda says couples will get an international honeymoon if producers think they will ‘bring the drama’. Photo: Supplied

It appears the reality show has had a similar filming schedule for the past few years as season six bride Melissa Lucarelli told Yahoo Lifestyle last year that she had a very similar experience.

“The weddings are divided over two weeks, so if you're married in the first week you go international, and if you're in the second you go local because you all have to be back on that weekend to do the first dinner party,” she revealed.

“I went international because I was married in the first week. So yes, it means I went international, but it was also meant another week with my husband. Could be good for some, maybe not for others!”

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