MAFS 2024: Clue that proves Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper are still together

EXCLUSIVE: One groom may have accidentally revealed he's still with his bride post-filming.

Married At First Sight often promises us a lot of love, but the track record for couples staying together post-show isn't exactly fantastic.

With no original pairings from the 2023 season still together, season 11 premiered earlier this week promising us more drama and more love as the show tries to make its most diverse season yet with an older couple, same-sex couple, and move away from 'influencers'.

As we get to know the new couples set to take over our lives for the next couple of months, there's one telling sign a match from last night's episode could still be together post-experiment.

Last night saw Jayden Eynaud marry Eden Harper: and the pair already seem like a match made in heaven. But as fans of the show know, not everything always ends up picture-perfect as the season progresses.

Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper on MAFS wedding day
New MAFS couple Jayden and Eden have gotten off to a strong start. Photo: Nine

However, in an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, Jayden may have let slip that he and Eden are still together to this very day.


'Everything we do is the same'

After meeting on their wedding day, Jayden and Eden were shocked to realise they both lived on the Gold Coast, quite close to each other.

After asking Jayden about the location coincidence, he shared that the pair realised they often frequent the same places.

"We talked about this at our wedding, we go to the same cafes, we order the same food, we get all our muscle meals from the same place... we have the same locals, we go for walks on the same beach. Everything we do is the same, so I don't know how we hadn't met," he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Then Jayden dropped this little crumb: "Literally, I can drive to her house in three minutes."

So Jayden's been to Eden's house, huh? Can drive there in three minutes, maybe meaning he's timed it multiple times? Using present tense? INTERESTING.

Eden also spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about the bizarre coincidence that they had never run into each other.

"He'd say like, ‘Oh I usually go to this café at 11am on a Saturday’ and I'm like, ‘Oh well I go at 9am’. So we were just missing each other at these places by that much," she revealed. "But the other crazy thing is Mitch and I actually used to work in the same building for two years and I've never seen him before either."

As for the couple's upcoming journey on Married at First Sight and what audiences can expect, Jayden had this to say.

"We like to hold other people accountable, and we like to hold each other accountable," he shared. "When we don't like what someone's doing, but we'll call it out in the group, and we'll call each other out... I think that's how you get the best out of everyone and the best out of each other."

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