MAFS' Lucinda reveals major unseen moment from her wedding: 'Wild'

EXCLUSIVE: Lucinda Light spills on what viewers didn’t get to see from her wedding day.

From the appearance of ‘the chicken wing’ to the massive thunderstorm that left guests running for shelter, Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith had one of the most memorable weddings in the history of Married At First Sight.

The couple’s nuptials began with a smoke ceremony that left Tim feeling “very uncomfortable”, before his wish for “something to fall out of the sky” and hit him came true in the form of torrential rain.

MAFS’ Lucinda Light at her wedding.
MAFS’ Lucinda Light reveals the surprising moment viewers didn’t get to see from her wedding. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle about the wedding day, Lucinda shares that the wet weather was “absolutely outrageous” and much more intense than what was shown on TV.

“It bucketed, it was torrential,” she describes. “It literally did sort of pass over in about 20 minutes. It was just this wild moment, and then it just stopped and opened again.

“But it was still quite windy and cold, everyone was shivering. They even brought out the blankets for us!”


Lucinda also reveals that producers separated herself and Tim when they were brought undercover from the rain and they weren’t allowed to talk to each other.

“They separated us and popped me on a couch, but I kept perving on him,” she laughs. “I couldn’t keep my eyes off him!

“So he was on one side of the tent and I was just kicking back on the couch having a lovely time being isolated and watching all the nonsense and hilarity unfold. I enjoyed it.

“It just was what it was, we were at where we were at and it just required deep acceptance and a sense of humour. It's still been one of my favourite days ever.”

MAFS wedding guests fleeing from the rain.
Lucinda says producers separated herself and Tim when the thunderstorm began. Photo: Channel Nine

Lucinda teases what's to come this season

This year’s season of MAFS is tipped to be the most explosive yet, with expert Mel Schilling telling Yahoo Lifestyle that she was “literally gobsmacked” by some of the incidents that occurred and comments that were made during filming.

Lucinda agrees that season 11 is sure to shock viewers and teases that fans can expect “scandals, fights, division and lots of love”.

“It’s a very diverse crew. I think Channel Nine has gone all out just to find really different representations of our beautiful humanity and I think you'll see it all, and lots of contrast and polarity,” she details.

“I had a sore neck just ping-ponging back and forth at the screaming matches. It's not the way I like to relate, but I’m not here to dampen anybody's expression. But yes, there are some pretty fiery characters in the mix.”

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