MAFS' Michael and Martha shock fans with surprise announcement

Former MAFS star Michael Brunelli shocked fans on Tuesday after announcing he and fiancée Martha Kalifatidis are moving overseas.

The 31-year-old shared the news nonchalantly by revealing he is preparing to pack up their house and join Martha, 33, who is already overseas.

MAFS' Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis
MAFS' Michael Brunelli shocked fans after revealing he and Martha Kalifatidis are moving to Europe for a few months to travel and work. Photo: Instagram/Michael Brunelli

Michael shared a series of posts, revealing he is packing up their home ahead of the big move.

"Martha and I spent some time making a big decision to move overseas for a while," he said in a Q&A.

"We've had a few problems with our house and the fact that the world is essentially open again, we decided now is as good a time as any. It's not a long-term move, but it's a change we both wanted to experience."


The reality star quickly realised he had shocked not only his followers, but his family and friends, with the announcement, and quickly jumped back on his Stories to explain.

"Okay, so this morning I said Martha and I were moving away and I inadvertently set off a massive chain of events that I didn't realise, which involved my family, my friends, calling me asking me what the f**k is going on... and a lot of DMs. So let me clarify everything," he said.

"We aren't moving permanently. We are getting out of our house because of mould issues and leaking issues and a bunch of other things [and] putting our stuff in storage.

Michael Brunelli MAFS
Michael was quick to share an explanation, revealing he and Martha will be in Europe for the summer and will also be doing some work there. Photo: Instagram/Michael Brunelli

"And because of that, we are going over to Europe to work and because I haven't experienced a European summer before."

The pair shared photos of their walls and ceiling covered in mould earlier this month after they were away for just five days due to leaks and the constant rain that NSW has been facing.

Michael added that they are looking at spending about two months overseas, adding it may be more or even less than that.

"We don't know yet, but nothing is permanent," he added. "It's not this huge, life-changing thing that we're doing. But it is something that I want to try."

Michael added that he was keen to head over to the UK to meet some of the people that work behind the scenes at his company Tru Fit.

The pair is also quite popular over there as their season of MAFS aired in the UK on the E4 network.

Martha has yet to comment on the move.

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