MAFS' Martha shocks fans with wild breastfeeding video with Michael

Some followers said the video was 'relationship goals'.

Former Married At First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis has left her followers stunned after she shared a video on social media of her fiancé Michael Brunelli helping her unclog one of her blocked milk ducts.

The influencer posted footage on Instagram on Thursday evening of Michael trying to suck one of her breasts to properly drain the glands after breastfeeding their newborn son Lucius.

MAFS' Martha, Michael and Lucius / Michael sucking one of Martha's breasts.
MAFS’ Martha shared a video of Michael trying to unclog one of her blocked milk ducts. Photos: Instagram/mbrunelli

“You’ve got to suck harder than that, the baby sucks harder than that,” she demanded. “It's not one constant, it’s got to be like, sucking.”

“How do I suck any harder than that?” Michael replied while lying on their lounge room floor. “I’ve got no strength in my suck!”

“You've got to breathe through your nose,” Martha explained. “It's like giving a b***job, you've really got to focus on the breathing more than any other part of it.”


The couple couldn’t stop giggling throughout the task, with Martha saying she was “going to piss myself” from laughter and Michael joking that her nipple was “all the way down my oesophagus”.

Eventually, the hard work paid off and Martha said she could feel her milk duct emptying.

“Babe, I think we’ve done it,” she said a short while later.

'Relationship goals'

Martha and Michael’s followers quickly took to the comments to praise the candid video, with both Brooke Blurton and Domenica Calarco replying with a series of laughing emojis.

“I’m cackling!” Jack Millar added, while Rosie Waterland wrote, “Truly the best most real parenting content I’ve ever seen”.

“I think you’ve reached a new level of oversharing,” one follower joked, followed by someone else who said, “This is the content we need!”.

“I seriously don’t understand why everyone is so offended?” a different user remarked. “I think this is bloody hilarious! You’ve reached a whole new level of relationship goals right here.”


“Now that’s a real man! There is no way my husband would have done that,” one person said, with another adding, “If my partner won’t do this for me I don’t want him”.

“The amount of times my partner has to do this!! Thank you for making me feel normal,” someone else shared.

Martha and Michael announced the birth of their son on Instagram last month with a sweet photo of the newborn.

“Lucius Brunelli,” they captioned the post. “He’s here. He's perfect.”

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