MAFS' Martha surprises fans with nude photo of fiancé Michael: 'Cringe'

Former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis surprised her followers on Friday when she shared a nude photo of her fiancé Michael Brunelli to celebrate his birthday. The pregnant reality star posed alongside Michael, showing off her bump, while he showed off his buns.

Fans were shocked by the photo, with one user writing, "Jesus Christ … almost had a coronary!!!" Another agreed, writing, "I think I just passed out."

Former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis takes nude photo of fiancé Michael Brunelli
Former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis stunned fans with a nude photo of her fiancé Michael Brunelli, with some calling it 'cringe'. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

"We know why you got pregnant," a third joked, referencing Michael's very muscular physique.

"I was not prepared for this," a fourth joked, while many others asked for Michael's booty workouts.

Others jokingly questioned why Martha and Michael were giving away the nude snap "for free", referencing the countless influencers who share X-rated content on OnlyFans.


"Hottest mum and dad ever," yet another fan wrote, with someone else joking, "Find yourself someone who looks at you like Michael looks at himself."

However, some fans were not so into the photo, with one user writing, "Your child is going to cringe at this in a few years!"

Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis
While most fans loved the snap, some said it was 'inappropriate' for Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Michael Brunelli

"Why is he naked?" another questioned, adding the photo was "pointless, desperate and boring".

"Haha bit inappropriate for the 'gram," a third wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

Others defended the pair, with one fan writing, "Love it!!! Ignore the haters… [they're] just jealous! You both look amazing! Love both your energies! Keep being unapologetically you! Sending love and blessings."

Michael admits he's 'petrified' as he moves into fatherhood

Michael and Martha's pregnancy journey has been anything but easy, with the couple revealing in September that Martha had been suffering from an extreme form of morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum.

The debilitating illness, which affects an estimated 0.5 to 2 per cent of pregnant women, left her bedridden for months as she suffered from excessive nausea and vomiting.


Michael shared with Yahoo Lifestyle in November that Martha had improved significantly in recent months after the pair returned from a long stint overseas.

“For those first few weeks she was in the most horrific state I’ve seen her in and was no better when we got back,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “She’s stronger than anyone I know so I admire her for that. She’s been able to get through it and still be positive about the experience as well.

Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalfatidis
It comes after Michael revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that he's equally excited as he is petrified for fatherhood. Photo: Instagram/Michael Brunelli

“She's having a lot more good days now where she's actually able to get up and go outside, but then on the flip side, there are still those bad days where she’s stuck in bed feeling really nauseous. We're trying to focus on the positives and keep that positive reinforcement coming, and there’s not as much suffering now.”

Speaking about his own fatherhood journey, the personal trainer admits he’s both “super excited” and “petrified” to become a dad.

“It's just the complete unknown for me,” he says. “I didn't grow up with baby cousins and nephews, so it's going to be a new experience. I do have a one-year-old and a three-year-old nephew now and I’m trying to hold them more and play with them more so I can start to get used to it.

“There aren’t any real fears, it’s more a kind of anxious excitement to just get things started and take the advice of our parents, our grandparents and our relatives. We’re just taking that all on board and figuring out what kind of dad I am.

He continues: “I think both of us, while maybe it wasn't expected, we are both ready for it to happen. There's never a perfect time to have kids so for us, this is as perfect as it's going to get. I just honestly can't wait to see what personality this kid has.”

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