MAFS' Martha admits she was 'devastated' over unborn baby's sex

The former Married At First Sight star admitted she 'was so upset' when she found out.

Former MAFS star Martha Kalfatidis has admitted she "was so upset" when she found out she and fiancé Michael Brunelli would be welcoming a baby boy and not the baby girl she had hoped for. The pair announced their baby's gender in a sweet video on Thursday night, but the reality star has since shared that she was "devastated" when she found out.

Speaking on KIIS FM's Will & Woody, Martha told the hosts, "Guys I was 100 per cent sure I was having a girl, like I had only opened girl clothing tabs on my phone, I was so convinced."

Former MAFS stars Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli
Former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis has admitted she 'was so upset' when she found out she and Michael Brunelli were having a boy. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

"There was no chance in my mind it was going to be a boy, I had planned my whole life for this girl. I'll be so honest with you guys. At the beginning, I was devastated like I was so upset. It took me a few days to like come to terms with it."

In the announcement video, Martha wrote, "Oh, boy do we have news," with Michael later sharing a photo of Martha's baby bump to his Instagram Story with the caption, "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee will be here soon!"

In the video, Martha is seen in a black bikini before several sweet clips of the pair playing, including the pair at the doctor's office looking at sonograms and with their families.


Michael is then seen giving Martha a jewellery box, with the ring inside featuring the surprise. After opening the box, Martha revealed the ring had blue stones, a surprise for both her and Michael, as Armans Jewellery organised everything for them.

Many of Martha's followers understood her reaction, with one user writing, "I cried when I found out I was having a boy, the overwhelm of being such a girly girl. He’s been the biggest, most amazing blessing I never could have imagined. I'm so glad I had a boy, you will be an amazing boy mum without even knowing it! Congratulations."

Pregnant Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli
The pair revealed to fans last month that they are expecting their baby in early March. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalfatidis

"Congrats guys!! Martha I have both boys and girls and trust me when I say boys LOVE their mamas like nothing else. You will be in heaven," another added.

"I have 2 boys! Boys are easier than girls from I’ve been told and what I see!" a third wrote. "BOYS club all the way! Mammas boy, he’ll always have your heart."

"I was devastated when I found out I was having a boy, I sat in the car park of the clinic for an hour sobbing! I also had HG [hyperemesis gravidarum]," a fourth agreed. "I’m so happy now though I couldn’t imagine having a girl now that I’ve had a boy! And they are so much more easier than girls!"


Michael shared on his Instagram Stories how the idea came about, writing, "Aris from @armansjewellery came up with this idea and we absolutely loved it!

"We couldn't have asked for a better reveal and for Martha to have something to remind her of the strength she's had throughout the last 9 months."

He added, "Thank you so much mate, it means the world to us."

Martha suffered from extreme morning sickness and was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum at just five weeks into the pregnancy.

Martha and Michael shared with their followers last month that they will likely be welcoming their baby in early March.

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