MAFS' Lucinda answers the question we were all asking

Viewers were left seriously confused by the moment.

MAFS' Lucinda Light spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle and answered the question viewers were all wondering last night – what was going on with that chicken feather?

During her wedding to Tim Smith, the celebrant asked everyone to close their eyes and almost do a meditation before they tied the knot. She then used a large chicken feather to "cleanse away any negativity".

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MAFS' Lucinda Light and Tim Smith
MAFS' Lucinda Light has answered the question we were all asking during her wedding last night. Photo: Nine

"When they were waving the chicken wing, I felt very uncomfortable," Tim told the cameras. "And I've seen the back of the wing and it was a real chicken wing! And I wasn't in the moment, I was thinking, 'Where did they get the chicken wing from?' Like, was it a sacrificial chicken? Or did you just find that wing?"

"I was waiting for something to fall out of the sky and just hit me," Tim added, clearly uncomfortable.


Surprisingly, something did fall from the sky soon after – rain, and a lot of it!

Viewers were just as confused by the wing, with one fan asking, "He raises a good point, where DO you get a chicken wing from?"

"I’m with you on the chicken wing Tim," another confused viewer said.

"Absolutely losing it over Tim pondering about the chicken wing," a third wrote, while someone else suggested, "The chicken wing summoned the storm".

MAFS Tim and the chicken wing
During the ceremony, the celebrant used a chicken wing to 'cleanse away any negativity'. Photo: Nine

Lucinda reveals the meaning behind the chicken wing

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Lucinda shared the meaning behind the chicken wing, telling us, "I am from a very unique tribe of people and we love ritual and ceremony and using resins and sages and smudges just to clear the energy. I don't have this practice myself, but a lot of people use these taxidermy wings just to sort of woof the resin."

She continues, saying that they didn't show the full ceremony and only chose to air the "most ridiculous" parts of the ritual.

"It was quite beautiful, it acknowledged ancestors and our Indigenous brothers and sisters, the First Nation people, and it was quite lovely," she details. "But yeah, of course, not Tim’s thing at all. I could see that uncomfortability. I was in my own magic swirl and spell so I probably wasn’t attuning to his energy enough.

MAFS Lucinda Light
Lucinda shared that the wing can only be used 'if the bird falls or dies'. Photo: Nine

Where did the chicken wing come from?

OK, now, the question you've been waiting for, where does one get a chicken wing from?

Lucinda tells us, "It’s if the bird falls or dies. The Shaman or people will take that and honour the bird and take the wing and what have you".


She adds that she also loved Tim's commentary on the wing, saying, "Tim has been hilarious with that, he was like, ‘I can see a bit of chicken on it! KFC! What’s going on?’. The commentary crew was just hilarious, I haven’t heard the end of that one."

But, if you don't have time to wait for a chicken to 'fall or die', you can get one on Etsy if you want!

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