MAFS bride Lucinda Light's real name and past revealed

Is this MAFS bride an actress?

After just two episodes, Byron Bay celebrant Lucinda Light has already been dubbed one of MAFS' most eccentric ever participants – but some fans have questioned if her huge personality is genuine or an act for TV.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that although the 43-year-old's enthusiasm for life and love of the arts is real, Lucinda Light is a “stage name” she started going by professionally five years ago.

MAFS bride Lucinda Light
MAFS bride Lucinda Light's real name has been revealed after some fans questioned whether she was an actress. Photo: Nine

Lucinda Light's real name revealed

The celebrant, whose government name is Lucinda Reilly, officially registered 'Lucinda Light' as a brand and business on the Australian Business Register in August 2019 whilst hoping for stardom.

In 2022, after three years working as a celebrant, event host and cabaret performer under the alter-ego, she took to LinkedIn in a resurfaced post asking for advice on how to further her career.


"I am looking for incredible roles as an MC or TV presenter and would appreciate your support," she wrote to her connections on the business platform.

A show source tells us, "Lucinda is as quirky and positive as she comes across and great talent, but there were some whispers amongst the cast about her intentions [for doing MAFS] as she was there under a stage name rather than her real name."

Fans divided on Lucinda and Tim

MAFS' Lucinda and Tim
Fans were divided over whether Lucinda and Tim are a good match. Photo: Nine

Fans were left divided over Lucinda and Tim's relationship after Tuesday night's episode, with one user writing, "Lucinda might come off a little kooky, but I do think she’s a kind and empathetic person. If Timothy lets her in, she could be really great for him, someone who’s grounded and willing to take things at a pace he feels comfortable with. It’d be nice to see them work out."

"Ohhhh dear Timothy already knows he doesn’t want a 'Lucinda' and the experts are giving him Lucinda. What could go wrong?"

"Lucinda is a breath of fresh air," a third said, while someone else added, "Lucinda is giving me Jennifer Coolidge vibes."

"Lucinda is like a character off a Chris Lilley sketch comedy show," another said.

"Part of me wants to believe Lucinda is a real person and another part of me refuses to accept she isn't just an actress putting this on," one viewer wrote.

Lucinda's message to the haters

Lucinda spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle and hit out at the haters, telling us, "My favourite comment was being likened to Moira Rose [from Schitt’s Creek] because she’s just one of my spirit animals. I’ve just got compassion for the haters because who can be bothered to be behind a screen criticising somebody?


"I’ve heard the lot - ‘Is she a man? What a pain in the a**’. And, I mean, I'm just gonna stop listening. I trust my own soul. Love is what we all want, right?"

She continued, "But simultaneously, I am an entertainer, I suppose. I am an MC, I'm a celebrant, and I love wild expressions. So this is me genuinely, there’s no acting about it. But I suppose for some people, it's just a little bit overwhelming to see a big character on screen like myself."

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