'Crock of s***': MAFS' Josh lashes out at show in extraordinary outburst

Kristine Tarbert
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Cathy and Josh are over red rover. Photo: Channel Nine

Married at First Sight groom Josh has ignored a social media ban to post an extraordinary outburst online aimed at producers of the controversial reality series.

Sharing a video on his Instagram account, Josh said despite being told to stay off social media, he decided it was time to speak up given the disastrous portrayal of his family lunch with TV wife Cathy on Tuesday night’s episode.

“Open and transparent. Straight off the chest,” he captioned the two-minute long clip in which he slams the way the episode was edited.

“First of all I want to say that we’re not supposed to be using our social media, we’re meant to be keeping it all hush hush and quiet. But I think sometimes it’s better to speak up.”

He goes on to say he knew the show would he “highly edited” but watching the episode back was “an absolute joke”.

“The reason why I’m speaking up is because it definitely takes a toll when your mum, yourself and your little brothers are even receiving death threats. It’s not cool,” he continued.

“What transpired at that lunch yesterday was an absolute crock of sh*t.

“I was happy with getting a bad edit, but when it gets personal like that and everyone’s receiving death threats, it’s a joke,” he said.

He said producers told his mum Mandy to ask certain questions of the couple, but the responses we saw from Josh were apparently not the ones he had actually given at the time.

He then goes on to warn people from applying to go on the show.

“I just can’t stress enough to people who are thinking about trying out for this show, just have a good hard think,” he said. “When you sign that contract, any footage, any audio can be cut up and spliced however they choose.”

Josh did receive support from current and former MAFS stars who posted in the comments on Instagram.

“Welcome to the club brother,” former villain Dean Wells wrote. “I haven’t been watching as the show has just become a joke. But I’m sorry they edited you badly. The public doesn’t realise just how much they can manipulate with editing.”

While Aleks wrote: “You’re a great person. Keep your head up and don’t let low life people get to you or your family. Stay strong. And that goes for all of the cast this year.”

MAFS star Josh's mum accuses Cathy of being 'actress from hell'

Josh had already confirmed he and 'wife' Cathy Evans have parted ways in a Facebook post after Monday night's episode aired.

The 28-year-old didn't hold back in the post where he also slammed producers for how he'd been portrayed.

"MAFS (has) f***ed me in the backside... Should’ve went on Survivor... I’ll never do a TV show again,” he wrote.

But what was perhaps most interesting was Josh’s mother claiming Cathy is a ‘paid actress’.

His mother, Mandy Manning, added to the comments, “Actress from hell.”

A viewer wrote, “So we now know they break up for good lol [thank you]!" Mandy replied, saying, "She was a paid actress... employed by the producers.”

Josh's mum claimed Cathy was an actress. Photo: Instagram/summertanx

Ivan’s major outburst at MAFS producers

Josh isn’t the only groom to have told producers what he really thinks.

While it looked like fellow MAFS groom Ivan had been keeping his cool for most of the controversial series so far - despite his brief tussle with experts for probing him about his sex life with Aleks - it’s now been revealed the 30-year-old actually had a huge outburst at producers that wasn’t shown on camera.

Ivan reportedly lost his cool at producers during filming after being ‘stuck’ in a room with Aleks for numerous days, going so far as to calling team members a “pack of c***s” before storming out, New Idea reports.

Ivan hit out at producers during filming. Photo: Channel Nine

Experts then apparently called Ivan out for the outburst during the commitment ceremony, which saw him storm out again - something the cameras didn’t show viewers.

“The experts slammed him for his behaviour and told him to 'show some respect' before he stormed out again,” the insider told the publication.

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