MAFS' Cathy forced to apologise for rape joke

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

She was left on the brink of tears last night when her ‘husband’, Josh Pihlak, friend-zoned her on Married At First Sight.

And it seems like things are just going from bad to worse for Cathy Evans, after she was forced to apologise for a series of comments she left on her Instagram account back in 2014. 

MAFS' Cathy Evans has been forced to apologise after a comment on her Instagram resurfaced. Photo: Instagram/Cathy Evans

In the now-deleted post, which was revealed by the Daily Mail, a then 20-year-old Cathy asked for advice over a man who wouldn’t stop staring at her in the gym, telling a friend: “I’m not joking but he looks like he’s raping me with his eyes”.

Now, the 26-year-old has issued an apology over the comment, telling the publication: “I am so embarrassed for my use of such offensive and inappropriate language. It was a lapse in judgement at the time and I apologise for any hurt or offence I have caused.”

Cathy is married to Josh on MAFS. Photo: Channel Nine

Josh friendzones Cathy

Last night, Cathy was left with tears in her eyes after being left shocked at her ‘husband’ Josh’s response when he was asked by the experts how their relationship was going. 

“I’m worried that we’re gonna be just friends next week. Of course I wanna fall in love and walk away from this in love. But how I feel right now is just I have doubt,” he said. 

Cathy looked stunned at his words and was clearly holding back tears on the couch. 

Josh friend-zoned Cathy last night on the show. Photo: Channel Nine

“It’s funny because I actually walked into this commitment ceremony quite confident and light,” she said.

“'I thought we had a really good week. It just feels a bit weird.”

She went on to say she felt “a bit blindsided” but wrote ‘stay’ on her card, meaning the pair have another week to work things out. 

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