MAFS' Hayley Vernon's X-rated admission after revealing escort career

Married At First Sight star Hayley Vernon has admitted that having too much ‘rough sex’ left her with a painful injury.

The OnlyFans creator, 34, told fans that she had to place a bag of frozen peas between her legs because she was in so much pain.

L: Hayley Vernon smiling at the camera in a bikini. R: Hayley Vernon lying in bed talking to her fans, finger on her lip
MAFS star Hayley Vernon has revealed her X-rated mishap that left her in pain. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

“Has anyone ever, girls, had so much sex or rough sex, that it hurts to sit down?” she quipped on her Instagram story, as she lay in bed.

Tilting the camera down to show her legs under the covers, she said that she was ‘really sore’ after her X-rated activity.


When chatting to Kyle and Jackie O on Tuesday, she laughed about the incident but wanted to clarify that it wasn’t an adult client who caused her injury.

Hayley Vernon pouting in a white revealing top
The star is proud of her career in the adult industry. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

Hayley’s shocking hourly pay as a high-class escort

On Monday, Hayley shared that she not only creates X-rated content on OnlyFans, but also has a job as a high-class escort for Scarlet Blue.

Offering both incall and outcall services for the private escort directory, her hourly rate doesn’t come cheap.

For an incall, which is where the customer goes to the escort at a four-star hotel, Hayley charges $950 an hour for a minimum of two hours.

For an outcall, where the escort goes to the customer, the star charges $750 an hour for a ‘girlfriend experience’ or $960 an hour for a ‘porn star experience’.

The highest rate available on Hayley’s profile is a three-hour outcall for $2750.

‘I’m not embarrassed, not ashamed’

The reality TV star also addressed the backlash to her high-class escort work, saying that she doesn’t give ‘a flying f**k’ what people think.

“There’s no-one around me that did not know, I’m not embarrassed, not ashamed. I’m also old enough to know at this point of my life, that what one does — does not define them,” she told her followers.

L: Hayley Vernon topless wearing a towel on her head with her tongue out. R: Selfie of Hayley Vernon in a low cut purple lingerie set
The OnlyFans creator has slammed those who condemned her for working as an escort. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

“I am so content and confident in the woman that I am in my 30s, it’s not funny. I’ve never been happier. I’m in the position where I can pick and choose who I work with. I’m not desperate for money, and let’s just say I’m killing it,” she said confidently.

The star also teased that she will likely spill the reasons behind her career choices on a podcast, but all followers needed to know now was that she’s ‘living her best life’.

Hayley also shared some supportive comments from fans, with one even saying they were envious of her career.

“I think more highly of you because you love what you do, and I’m jealous I’m not hot enough to get paid to do something I enjoy as much as sex,” the message read.

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