MAFS groom Al might have actually had a girlfriend before: 'Cutest couple'

One of the final couples to get hitched on this season of Married At First Sight included this year's youngest groom Al Perkins, who claimed he had never had a girlfriend before before walking down the aisle to meet his bride Samantha Moitzi.

But despite the 'kid from Bondi' claiming he's never been in a relationship, an old Instagram post, which has resurfaced, seems to suggest otherwise.

New MAFS groom Al
New MAFS groom Al said he had never had a girlfriend. Photo: Channel Nine

A post was shared last year by someone named Maddy, who appears to be Al’s ex-girlfriend, despite what he said on MAFS.

In the unearthed post, Maddy wished Al a happy birthday, thanked him for “always putting a smile on my face”, with comments suggesting they were indeed a couple.


"The most beautiful couple," one friend wrote.

"Na you cuties! Happy Birthday Al," another commented, with Al responding "Cheers".

"Only the cutest couple," was another comment.

MAFS groom Al unearthed Instagram post
An unearthed Instagram post seems to suggest otherwise. Photo: Instagram

MAFS viewers savage 'delusional' groom

Other than his claim about never having had a girlfriend, Al was also open about the fact that he still lives at home with his mum - which means he doesn't cook, clean or do his own laundry.

“I’m just a kid from Bondi that everybody loves,” he said.

“My best qualities are definitely my body, my smile, my face in general. My personality, sometimes,” he said prior to tying the knot.

“Insecurities? Probably my legs. They aren’t as muscly as I want them to be.”

After meeting his new wife for the first time, he said: “I think she likes me, for sure. If she doesn’t like me, I would be extremely shocked but I just can’t see why she wouldn’t like me, I just can’t see anything wrong with me.”

new MAFS couple Al and Sam on the show
MAFS bride Sam struggled with her new groom's immaturity. Photos: Channel Nine

But sadly, viewers were not a fan of the 25-year-old, taking to Twitter to call out his inexperience and apparent lack of maturity, something his bride Sam was quick to pick up on.

“Can’t cook, clean, or do laundry. So this is an adoption not a marriage," one person said.

"Oh no this guy is as deep as a puddle," was another comment.

"This guy is the ultimate catch - loves himself more than he could a partner, can’t cook, clean or tie his own shoes. He obviously is slightly delusional cos he can’t understand why he is single," another quipped.

While a fourth wrote: "The Beijing winter olympics opening ceremony had less red flags."

Instagram comments suggest MAFS spoiler

And yet another Instagram comment suggests Al and Sam may actually last until the end of the experiment, and still be together present day.

Despite a slow start to their marriage, with Sam expressing her fears about Al's lack of maturity an Instagram comment has suggested things might not go downhill as quickly as one would expect.

instagram post about MAFS groom Al
This Instagram post suggested Al was still away from home in November. Photo: Instagram

On November 11, towards the end of production, Al's best friend Jeremy posted about missing the groom as he was potentially still away filming.

“I miss my Malaysian brother,” Al commented on throwback picture shared by his friend Jeremy.

“Hurry back to Sydney,” Jeremy responded, seemingly confirming Al was still away filming, possibly on location for his final vow ceremony.

Married At First Sight continues Monday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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