MAFS: Bizarre editing fail on Lauren Dunn exposed

While Lauren's storyline may be the party-loving girl, one edit of the 'wild' bride isn't quite accurate.

It's no secret that Married At First Sight bosses often get creative during the post-production process when bringing all of their footage together, with each season containing several glaring editing fails.

Yet Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that this year producers did something entirely new to help create the narrative that Lauren Dunn is a “party girl” and loves getting wild.

During the first episode of the season, viewers were shocked to see footage of the bride drinking wine from a wine glass as she was being interviewed.

The shot of Lauren stopping her story mid-sentence, while chatting about a recent “messy” trip to Bali, to drink from her wine glass helped establish from her first introduction to viewers that she loves a good time.

Yet upon closer inspection, it appears the liquid was actually water that had been changed to green to resemble alcohol during the editing process. Using Photoshop, Yahoo Lifestyle has desaturated the shot to change the image back to water.

Viewers were initially shocked when they saw Lauren Dunn appear to be swigging wine during the interview process. Photo: Nine
Viewers were initially shocked when they saw Lauren Dunn appear to be swigging wine during the interview process. Photo: Nine

A show source tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “Alcohol consumption is very closely monitored on reality TV, especially a show like this. It'd be highly unlikely they'd have someone drinking during a casual sit-down interview in the day like this, although not entirely impossible.”


Who is Lauren Dunn?

Lauren Dunn made quite an impression on MAFS fans during her wedding episode, with some fans loving her out-there antics and others being less than impressed.

Lauren's wild wedding saw her battle a fake tan mishap, arrive very fashionably late when her limo couldn't exit her accommodation, and saw her face some eyebrow-raising from Jonathan's step-sister when Lauren sat down with her and acknowledged the cross she was wearing around her neck before happily chanting, "Jesus and cleavage!"

Lauren Dunn at her MAFS wedding
Lauren's loud humour didn't win over everyone. Photo: Nine

The 32-year-old from Western Australia runs her own PR firm, as well as her own foodie Instagram account called 'The Cooked Cook'.

She previously dated AFL star Ryan Crowley, with the couple reportedly breaking up just before she started filming MAFS, after five years of dating.

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