'It's true': MAFS fans outraged as secret girlfriend lie exposed

Married at First Sight fans have shared their shock and frustration online after one of the show's most controversial rumours appeared to have been confirmed during Tuesday night's episode.

If you missed all the drama leading up to this point, we're talking about Bryce's secret girlfriend - the one Rebecca claimed he had told her he was buying a gift for to send back to Canberra, which he has since categorically denied.

Melissa Rawson from MAFS
Melissa asked Bryce's friends about the secret girlfriend rumour. Photo: Channel Nine

During the most recent episode, Bryce took wife Melissa to Canberra to meet some of his friends and it was clear she was on a mission to try and find out if there was any truth to the rumour.

After some awkward chit chat, Bryce goes to fetch some drinks from the bar, and Melissa uses the opportunity to ask: “Is there any truth to this girlfriend rumour?”

If the silence, straw sipping, and awkward looks are not a give away, we eventually get the dirt.

“What has he … told you?” friend Jason asks, to which Melissa says "not much".

One of the other female friends adds: “I don’t really have heaps to comment. If I knew more, I’d totally jump in."


But the truth comes out once Melissa and Bryce bid their farewells and the friends discuss amongst themselves while the cameras are still rolling.

“Do you think he’s lied to her?” one of them asks.

“Yeah, no doubt.”

And then the other woman, Elly, confirms: “Because the gift thing is true.”

MAFS cast
The friends revealed the truth once the couple had left. Photo: Channel Nine

Social media virtually exploded with the revelation, with people calling out the friends for not telling Melissa the truth, and continuing to slam Bryce for lying to his wife.

"Truth is out now Bryce, can’t hide," one person said on Twitter.

"Bryce's friends need to come back for more info," another said.

"Now we know that Bec wasn’t lying (confirmed by Bryce’s own friends) I’m sure Melissa will stand by him. So painful to watch but you have to admire her loyalty I guess?" another wrote.

While a fourth simply said: "Liar Liar pants on fire Bryce."

So far on the Channel Nine reality show, Bryce has denied all allegations that he was secretly dating a woman outside of the experiment.

But if the latest promo is anything to go by, former bride Samantha plans to make bombshell allegations during girls’ night.

Samantha said after she left the show and returned to Canberra, she started hearing whispers about Bryce’s love life and is set to tell Melissa all about it.

"I'm going to go in and tell her exactly what I've heard, instead of her finding out after everyone else has," she told TV Week magazine earlier this week.

Last month, one of Bryce's friends Jason Roses made similar claims about Bryce's 'secret romance', telling The Anj, Rob & Robbo Show that he was to blame for exposing the affair to producers.

"I was talking to someone off camera, so I thought the camera wasn't recording me. And I might have said something that is going to cause big, big [drama]," he said.

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