MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Telling detail that may reveal Lucinda and Timothy's fate

Here’s what we know about their relationship status outside of the experiment.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about MAFS!

They’ve struggled to build an intimate connection since day one of the experiment, and it appears Married At First Sight’s Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith may have reached breaking point.

The couple had a very tense couch session during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony where Timothy admitted he felt like Lucinda had “thrown him under the bus” by saying their connection was more platonic than romantic and she doesn’t feel desired.

MAFS’ Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light.
MAFS’ Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light have been struggling to build a romantic connection. Photo: Channel Nine

Expert John Aiken then criticised the pair for being “stuck in first gear for five weeks” and said he would like them to leave the experiment if things don’t change soon because they’re “wasting everybody’s time”.

“I know that you, Timothy, have had tough times in the past. But you’re chained to it, and you’ve got to give yourself seven days to at least say, ‘I’m gonna park that, focus on her and get out of first gear’,” he said.

While the couple both chose to stay for another week, Timothy later admitted in his piece-to-camera interview that he was “pissed off” he didn’t write ‘leave’.


All eyes will be on the couple this week as they try to grow their connection, however, it appears their fate in the experiment may have already been revealed.

In a since-deleted Instagram comment, Lucinda accidentally let slip that she and Timothy are no longer together.

The wedding celebrant had commented on one of Timothy’s posts in October and called him “my hunky ex”, although the comment was deleted when Channel Nine gained control of his account last month.

Lucinda also left a handful of comments on some of his other Instagram posts late last year, including a professional shot of the real estate agent wearing a black suit.

“The best [wheeler] n dealer about. Gift of the gab x,” she wrote.

MAFS’ Timothy Smith / Lucinda Light's comment calling him her 'hunky ex'.
Lucinda may have accidentally revealed in October that she and Timothy didn't make it work in the experiment. Photos: Instagram/timsmith_melbourne

Are Lucinda and Timothy still in touch?

It’s unknown exactly how long Timothy and Lucinda will stay in the experiment, but her comments on his posts suggest they finished the show on good terms.

While Lucinda might not currently follow Timothy on Instagram, they have been spotted hanging out together in recent weeks.

Instagram account @mafsgossip shared a gallery of snaps of the couple spending time together over the weekend which they claimed were taken at a friend's barbecue in Melbourne.

The photos show Lucinda cuddling up next to Timothy with her hands on his shoulders, which may suggest the door is still open for romance between the pair.

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